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Hanging Out for a LivingMark says by giving service unselfishly to others, that you get referrals in volume. Now, you may think that sounds good, or maybe not even possible.—- Well, It’s not only possible, but Mark has been doing it for 10 years! And we are going to learn all about it.

Mark Herdering, author of the very successful, Hanging Out for a Living, discusses how he developed and uses his golden principles for a stress free life, as well as a very profitable business that anyone can mirror.

After years of struggling in traditional sales, Mark built a business that reached $1,000,000 in annual revenue in less than three years (on a 93 cent per-unit item) using a unique referral action plan. His extensive networking ability has driven his professional accomplishments and has expanded his career portfolio to wearing the hats of speaker, writer and business connector.

Mark shares his passion for sharing the formula for building business by referral in his first book, Hanging Out For A Living, a business fable about the philosophy, art and strategy for building a referral based business.

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  • We discussed his new book Hanging Out for a Living. (The audio book is great as Mark acts out his characters.) Mark went from making a great living as a metal fitter and welder, to a new business where his sales exceed a million a year, and that is truly just from hanging out for a living.
  • The story in his book, while a fiction novel, is entirely true. He had a 3 month sales quote to generate $155,000 in annual revenue and by the end of the 2nd month, had sold absolutely nothing. Zero. He was asked to quit then, and not wait for his 3 moth probation to end.
  • With 30 days left he changed everything and went against all the training his company had given him… The rest is spectacular.

An awesome interview with author and friend Mark Herdering. A very cool guy!

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