Exploring Your Super Powers with Jason Miller & Tony DUrso

Jason Miller - Exploring Your Super Powers

Jason is a seasoned CEO with an overwhelming passion to help other business owners and CEO’s succeed. Nicknamed, Jason “The Bull” Miller because he takes no BS & no excuses from the people he serves.

He has a specialty in helping businesses create a passive system of income and guiding other business owners. Jason mentored thousands of people over 2 decades using his Superpowers: Hyper Growth/Hyper Scale, Strategic and Operational Implementation & Micro Pivots.

Jason says, “The power of purpose can move mountains. The world is a better place with compassion as kindness is free. An overwhelming sense of clear vision and purpose will lead to happier and even more productive teams and staff.”

Insider's Brief

Here’s an Insider’s Brief about publishing a book.

Would you like to publish a book? Should you publish? Have you published one before? Did it do as well as you would like? What do you need to know about publishing?

Let’s jump into this world and understand it better.

Meet Chris O’Byrne, CEO of JetLaunch Publishing and also one of the directors of the Strategic Advisor Board.

Chris believes that publishing is about more than just books — it’s about creating a valuable brand, growing your authority, and attracting your ideal clients. He answers these important questions about publishing:

• Why is publishing a book a game-changer for growing your business?

• What is results-based publishing?

• How does someone apply for your Lead-Gen Bestseller program?

Find out more: jetlaunch.net.



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