EP89. Dr. Chris Friesen: How To Achieve What You Want!

Dr. Chris Friesen - How To Achieve What You Want!

Dr. Christopher Friesen, Director of Friesen Sport & Performance Psychology specializes in helping high achievers perform at their best.

Dr. Chris worked with individuals of all types from those suffering with anxiety and depression, to criminal offenders. Working with people at their lowest points helped him understand those who were not living up to their potential. Now he successfully assists high level professionals, athletes and high achievers to make their goals happen.

Dr. Chris shows us how to find out who we are, what we really want and how to make it happen on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • How it all started for Dr. Chris Friesen director of Friesen Sport & Performance Psychology at FriesenPerformance.com
  • Insightful comment on how Tony Robbins books, Unlimited Power and Awaken The Giant inspired him at 16 years old.
  • Steven Covey book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People changed his life around.
  • Insightful comments on autobiographies by Christopher Reeves and Arthur Ashe
  • Works primarily with high achievers: executives, athletes and entrepreneurs who want to perform at their best.
  • Is there a characteristic that differentiates those who achieve big goals and those who don’t?
  • The most successful people tend to make their everyday decisions in terms of what to do or what to focus on.
  • Successful people make their decisions based on values and goals. Those are the people who go far.
  • Dr. Chris’ 5 minute rule to decide if you want to pursue a task or not. Very clever! The cure for procrastination!
  • How is Dr. Chris’ book Achieve! different from other books on setting and achieving goals?
  • He’s a self-help book junkie. Good anecdotes here.
  • Dr. Chris finds some self-help books written by academicians a bit too much into studies and not much practical application.
  • His goal was to write his book based on scientific evidence, experience and be something that can be applied.
  • Dr. Chris says a lot of books about goals don’t spend much time going into who we really are and getting to know us.
  • When you are in touch with all of these aspects of yourself, then you can go about setting goals.
  • The 5 Basic Personality Dimensions discussed in Dr. Chris’ great book: Achieve!
  • Invigorating discussions on basic personality tendencies that have biological or neurologic origins (inherited) but not unchangeable.
  • 1) Susceptibility to negative emotions and stress explained and how that can be capitalized for success.
  • 2) Extroversion versus introversion. Strengths and weaknesses of both.
  • 3) Openness to experience. About our tendency to be open to new ideas, values and cultures.
  • 4) Agreeableness. People high on this tend to be very trusting and very straightforward. How competitiveness fits in.
  • 5) Motivation and self-control. People high on this tend to be goal oriented, motivated and self-disciplined.
  • Discussion on some people can lose everything, bankrupt and live on streets and then bounce back to millions.
  • How to use the knowledge of these points to motivate yourself and make you better.
  • Prevention-focused goals. Do you do that?
  • These type of individuals tend to make promotion-focused goals.
  • Discussion on using these points such as an example of working out.
  • Dr. Chris has a slightly different take on how to deal with anxiety, doubting thoughts and low self esteem.
  • Discussion on athletes, competing, making goals in the field and in the work place.
  • Dr. Chris says a lot of self-help books have it a bit backwards when it comes to the idea of being confident.
  • Great points on building confidence. Excellent stuff.
  • Talking about visualization. What Dr. Chris recommends his clients do when visualizing goals.
  • Visualization acronym: Research backed study in visualizing goals: W.O.O.P. Check it out! More at woopmylife.org
  • Dr. Chris works successfully with athletes, executives, entrepreneurs all over North America using the W.O.O.P. method.
  • More books coming by Dr. Chris, his purpose, his mission in life, where he’s going and other info. Very cool.
  • More info on Dr. Chris at FriesenPerformance.com including some good blog articles on there.
  • Check out the link at the top right hand corner that says Do This Every Day FriesenPerformance.com to increase your performance.

Dr. Chris’ enthusiasm and passion for this subject comes through so clearly! A very inspiring, high-performance, motivating interview! Wait till you check out the W.O.O.P. method and how it’s used successfully to visualize goals for athletes, executives and entrepreneurs! Good stuff. Make sure you check out the link at the top right hand corner that says Do This Every Day at FriesenPerformance.com to increase your performance!


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