EP76. Terry Lancaster: The Story You Tell The World Changes The World

Terry Lancaster - The Story You Tell The World Changes The World

Master storyteller and best selling author Terry Lancaster, simply put, closes the closers. A national speaker on such venues as TedX, The National Association of Broadcasters, and the National Automobile Dealers Association, Terry is not one to brag. He just does it.

A personal branding speaker, he helps salesmen build an army of buyers who know, like and trust you before they even meet you.

Terry to tell us how the story we tell changes our world, on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • 02:30 How it all started for Terry Lancaster (in radio).
  • 04:34 How and why he registered his first domain.
  • 05:15 What made him get serious about social media.
  • 06:10 His use of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to get business.
  • 06:34 Invited to his first speech and it bombed! with no sales, but wait…
  • 07:07 How he turned a horrible public speech into a success!
  • 07:33 Details and insights into how he became an expert in his field.
  • 08:11 You are who Google says you are!
  • 08:55 Is personal branding as important as the branding of our product or service?
  • 11:25 First impressions: How important are they really?
  • 15:05 What’s the biggest mistake people make when they are setting out to make that perfect first impression?
  • 15:49 What your personal brand should really be is all about this.
  • 17:07 The Micro Manifesto for LinkedIn.
  • 19:04 Who know’s you is what really matters and why.
  • 19:56 Interesting anecdotes about Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton.
  • 22:38 Hanging out with the Civitan Club, building relationships and the benefits of the bonding.
  • 27:11 What is step one for building a personal brand? What gives the biggest bang for the buck?
  • 27:55 Do this to get and build your Avatar on the web. This is who you are.
  • 33:25 The 3 C’s of social selling.
  • 36:07 Anecdote about Dan Rather, the host of CBS Evening News for 25 years.
  • 38:44 Anecdote about Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuck.
  • 42:38 How his book became an instant #1 Bestseller on Amazon literally overnight: Better Self Help For The Rest of Us.
  • 48:14 About the power of connectivity. A chapter in his bestseller book.
  • 50:05 A number of great tips for sales people.
  • 53:06 Purpose and vision of Terry Lancaster. What drives him? Heartwarming.
  • 55:44 Anecdote about Mike Tyson. Great insightful quote!

Much more than insightful and actionable, Terry takes the subject of branding, makes it an art form and takes it to a whole new level. Astounding is the best word I can think of. A great interview!


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