Developing Leadership Expertise With Chris Cebollero

Developing Leadership Expertise With Chris Cebollero

Chris Cebollero - Developing Leadership Expertise

Chris is an internationally recognized leadership specialist, multi-number 1 best selling author and host of the Ultimate Leadership Podcast. He’s currently the President/CEO of his own consulting firm growing the next generation of leaders. Cebollero & Associates is a consulting firm with over 100 years of combined healthcare, operational, and leadership experience.

The company was founded to make personal-touch leadership assessments accessible, allowing multiple leaders and organizations to experience the benefits. The aim is to make leader selection reasonable. Their customized development programs are utilized to create growing leaders that a company sees in its employees.

Show Notes

Starting off his career as a paramedic with a “small” company in D.C., called the U.S. Air Force, it was when he was thrown a 3-year old baby by a panicked mother, at a traffic stop in a small town, to take care of her possibly dying baby, and only because he was in an ambulance, led him to quickly shape up and realize he needed to learn his medical craft and be the best at it.

And teaching grew out of that quest to be the best. Doing the same in the civilian world, he specialized in helping people during what could be the worst day of their life.

While working to be the best in delivering medical assistance to others, the act and art of teaching continued to grow as his passion. Wanting to teach others grew into his assuming more and more leadership roles.

He learned as part of that process, that even though he was a good paramedic, it didn’t make him a good leader. He learned he had to focus on that art as well, and become superior at it. He learned that leadership is an art and a science, as he applied himself to get better and better at it.

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