Crisis Opportunities Now with Shel Horowitz

Shel Horowitz - Crisis Opportunities Now

Founder of GoingBeyondSustainability, Shel Horowitz, the Transformpreneur(sm) works with companies to find the sweet spot where profitability meets environmental and social good: helping to create, identify, and market products and services that turn hunger and poverty into abundance, war into peace, catastrophic climate change into planetary balance, and pandemic disease into global health.

TEDx Talker and International Platform Association Certified Speaker Shel is known for upbeat, engaging delivery, colorful visuals, and involved audiences—giving popular talks like “Impossible is a Dare” and “Making Green Sexy” at major conferences.

He’s also the best-selling multiple award-winning author of 10 books, most recently “Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World” and internationally acclaimed for his writing, speaking, and consulting on social entrepreneurship and green business profitability.



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