Coronavirus & Eye Care with Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler - America’s TV Eye Doctor™

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler is America’s TV Eye Doctor™ and is known as “The Surgeon’s Surgeon” since so many other surgeons come to Dr. Brian for surgery on their own eyes – including eye surgeons, brain surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, and breast cancer surgeons to just name a few. He is elected by his peers as one of the best eye surgeons worldwide out of 210,730 eye surgeons in the world.

He earned the reputation as “the doctor’s doctor” for being the choice of many doctors for their own vision correction as well as being consulted upon by many doctors for assistance/advice for their own patients. He wrote Perceptual Intelligence: The Brain’s Secret to Seeing Past Illusion, Misperception, and Self-Deception.

Dr. Brian is entrusted by the United States Olympic Committee to treat Bobsled Driver Steve Holcomb’s Keratoconus that enabled him to come back and win Olympic Gold.



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