EP6. Chris Miles Helps us Create Cash Flow

Chris Miles - Helps us Create Cash Flow

MR_Logo_Square BLOGHe is an author, speaker, and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate and Entrepreneur on Fire. Chris consistently teaches audiences how to do what no other financial advisers can or will–achieve financial prosperity, now and in the future, while spending time doing what they love most.

Just a few topics where he uses his unique approach toward getting fast results:

– Finding $4,000 in 45 minutes
– The 3 Circles of Wealth – Keys to Keeping What You Make
– How to Make Money WITHOUT Money?
– How to Relax and Rake It In
– How You Are Losing Tens of Thousands of Dollars and
Not Know It? – The X-Factors
And much more.

Chris says Cash flow creates freedom and prosperity and gives us some nuggets on Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso.


  • For a guy that retired at 28 years old, how it all started (at one point he was a million in debt with 22,000 in monthly expenses)
  • How financial advisers give wrong advice
  • How track your money and find where it’s leaking
  • The law of attention and the law of decay
  • Making money by putting attention on it
  • Making money by serving others and how that works
  • The spender, the saver and the steward
  • Ways to generate extra cash flow
  • Common mistakes by entrepreneurs

What a great interview! Chris is quite THE financial advocate for the entrepreneur.


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