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Will Basta - Building Massive E-Commerce!

Will Basta has nearly a decade of experience working for tech startups. He specialized in building out sales strategies and marketing teams, primarily in the health tech sector. While investing in multiple digital opportunities on the side, he discovered his passion for entrepreneurship.

With over three years in the e-commerce investment services business, Will has grown Ascend CapVentures into a company with more than 500 clients, four warehouse facilities, hundreds of employees, and millions of dollars in monthly revenue.

Insider's Brief

Navigating your career path and industry can be particularly challenging if you possess limited experience. Mentorship emerges as a valuable strategy to refine your professional skills and gain priceless insights from an individual with extensive practical knowledge spanning years or even decades in your specific field.

We speak with Ryan McCormick, co-founder of Goldman McCormick Public Relations who has been mentored by some great notables, such as Michael Levine, who represented 58 Academy Award Winners.

  • When do you realize you need a mentor?
  • Are you ever at a point where you don’t think you need a mentor?
  • Is one mentor correct, or should you have multiple?
  • How do you find a mentor?
  • Find out more:


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