Tony DUrso was born in Sicily, Italy and came to the U.S. at age three. At five, he operated as a paper route boy in Chicago. For ten years, he gave every penny to his parents to help support the family and to pay for his education.

At nineteen, Tony made his way into the business world and learned through the school of hard knocks. He made impressive, record-breaking sales forays into real estate, collectibles, and other varied industries.

His accomplishments, among many others, include raising $3.25 million in a six-month period for a start-up business.

Tony’s latest and fourth book, “Elite Entrepreneurs” topped the Amazon Bestseller List at #2 on its first-day debut.

Academically, he graduated in the top one percent in the nation as a Summa Cum Laude graduate of La Verne University with a degree in Business Administration.

Tony is the self-styled “Dream Business Maker” and hosts the popular show, Revenue Chat Radio, which achieved over One Million Downloads in its first 2 years! Revenue Chat focuses on Elite Entrepreneurs who give their insight and best advice to the audience. This show is syndicated predominantly on iTunes and  Mobile (open this link from smart device). Listen to Revenue ChatRevenue Chat Testimonials

Tony also hosts a second weekly talk radio show, The Spotlight on the Voice America Influencers Channel, giving Tony a prime time one-hour weekly show. Voice America has a growing audience anticipated to reach 10 million. The Spotlight focuses on Hollywood Stars, Game Changers and World Renown VIPs who tell how they made it to the top, and provide their Best Advice to listeners.  Listen to The Spotlight.

Tony currently resides in the U.S. with his wife and their large white akita.

Here’s a short YouTube talking about some of the above.

Testimonials, praise, reviews and fun stuff.

Upcoming Books & Projects

Re-Issue of The Pursuit, Book 1: We took out 300 pages in the original book as it would have been over 800 pages. With the success of the 1st release, we decided to add more of the storyline back in (but not 300 pages). We re-edited the book ourselves, off of the original manuscript and the new Expanded Edition is ready for final editing and release. Also, we may change the name of the series, but unsure as yet. The name “The Pursuit” does not change regardless.

The 2nd book in our fiction series is Dark Horizons. This is completely finished and ready for final editing and release.

The 3rd book, The Siege of Jasper, is well in progress. We are going to travel and look for the perfect terrain (s) to write our battle scenes, of which there is a lot. I am bringing back medieval fighting techniques, styles and strategies that I have not seen in any movies or books, so this will be a treat when done.

Rise Above Fear: This is a non-fiction book with techniques and strategies on How To Deal With Bullies, which I developed and have not read or seen anywhere else. This book will truly help anyone deal with peer pressure and bullying. I include a definitive introduction on why I am qualified to write about such a topic. This book is complete and ready for final editing and release.–When I had someone else look over my finished manuscript, it became apparent that the many personal life stories of my dealing with stressful issues, could be an issue for some, especially if someone wanted to try it out themselves and wind up getting hurt. Thus, I removed a large number of personal stories to sidestep that possibility. Doing so, however, made me feel less anxious to release the book. Nonetheless, it is complete and there is no change in any of the techniques or advice offered.

The Princess of Chicon: This is my first science fiction book and it is complete. Written around 1977, I never published it for several reasons. 1) The 2nd Star Wars movie (#5 in the series), released years after I finished writing this book, contains a scene that is an identical copy to mine. 2) A car came out later, as well, which contains the exact same name for one of my lead characters, which at the time, I created myself and never heard of before. With these two facts, I became dispirited and never published the book. Perhaps someday I will publish with this introduction. Uncertain as yet. Nonetheless, this book is ready for final editing.

Sharpen Your Wits: Beyond Money <> Beyond Imagination <> Beyond Earth. Over 550 pages and a little more left to go. When ready, this will be released in an unconventional manner.



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