Have you ever created something cool, unique and which you were proud of? Such as a story, book, video, screenplay, comic, drawing, painting, game, photograph, recipe, poem, or even a tattoo?Mont Saint-Michel

A great many people have created something cool or unique which has never been published or shared with others.

Statistics say only 0.03 percent of all manuscripts submitted get published. That means out of 10,000 submitted, only 3 are published. And what about the millions that are not submitted?

How about poems? Does anyone write poems anymore? Do you know that it is harder to get a poem published than a book? How about a story?

The Good, Bad and Gold: The PursuitHow about something else that you created? Have you ever created a great recipe that you want to let someone know about? Or a cool piece of music? Or drawing? Illustration? And what about tattoos?

Let’s share this art with the world. Let’s soak up these awesome stories and creations. Let’s create a site where artists and creators can showcase their creations free of charge.

Imagine being able to scroll through people’s stories, books, screenplays and read and comment about them. Wouldn’t that be inspiring to those creators? Would you participate? The plan is to further inspire all you artists out there.Rolling Thunder

This project is an awesome undertaking. It needs an exceptional back end infrastructure.

Well, I have my sleeves rolled up and I have started on this. With your help, I can get it done faster. When you buy my books or art that contributes directly to getting this site built. It is called HumaniArt.

Watchful WolfYour support will help drive the creation of this. Everybody wins.

The job is big. Your help is appreciated. Thanks for helping out.