Two Great Weekly Talk Shows and Magazines

with Influencers | Celebrities | Masterpreneurs

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About The Shows

The Tony DUrso TV Show 

Target audience: Viewers on Facebook, Twitch TV, YouTube and social media. 

This is a 30-minute LIVE TV show interviewing guests via Zoom.

The Tony DUrso TV Show also syndicates through The Tony DUrso (Radio) Show*, thereby continuing to keep and grow the existing radio audience. There is a moderate fee to get interviewed.

The Tony DUrso TV Show focuses on successful people and includes humanitarian projects. We look for those that can provide good advice, tips and guidance to the audience, based on the person’s success. 

Recap: This is a Live TV interview which rebroadcasts through Tony’s radio audience reaching 10s of 1000s. There is a reasonable fee. More info at

The Tony DUrso (Radio) Show

Target audience: 1/4 Millennials, 1/2 Generation-X and 1/4 Baby Boomers with a focus on those seeking to learn from the success of others for their business or career.

The Tony DUrso (Radio) Show showcases Influencers, Celebrities & Masterpreneurs highlighting their successes and sharing their wisdom, advice and guidance to our audience.

This is a one-hour show broadcasting through the VoiceAmerica radio network, and syndicated out to a myriad of platforms, such as iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and others.

The current wait time is one-year to broadcast for new guests applying. Guests can get on immediately with a moderate fee.

Recap: This is a recorded radio (podcast) interview with over 25,000+ downloads. You can get on the free list with approximately one year wait, or pay a moderate fee to get on immediately. More info at


Influential People and Fitness Fashion Magazines

Each magazine audience over 10,000. Limited opportunities are available to get on the cover of each magazine. There is an option on the form to apply for the cover.

Guest articles are welcome.

More info at Influential People Magazine and International Fitness Fashion Magazine.


–> Click to get on The Tony DUrso Shows for Radio, TV & Magazine Covers.

*Revenue Chat Radio Merges with The Spotlight creating the newly named The Tony DUrso Show.