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Three Great Weekly Talk Shows!

For Stars, Greats & Game Changers!

–> Revenue Chat Radio (Podcast)

Target audience: Entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate executives.

Revenue Chat showcases Elite Entrepreneurs who made it to success in their field, and share wisdom, advice and guidance to our audience.

Be a Guest on Revenue Chat. 

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–> The Tony DUrso Show (Television)

Target audience: Viewers on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, City Streaming Channels, Roku and the VoiceAmerica TV network. (Over 100 million monthly viewers.)

This is a high-quality, studio production. Guests are interviewed via Skype or in-person at the Burbank, CA studio.

The Tony DUrso TV Show also syndicates through Revenue Chat Radio, thereby continuing to keep and grow the existing radio audience. Advertise with us.

The Tony DUrso TV Show focuses on successful people and includes humanitarian projects. We look for those that can provide good advice, tips and guidance to the audience, based on the person’s success. 

Be a Guest on The Tony DUrso TV Show.

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–> The Spotlight with Tony DUrso (Internet Radio)

Target audience: ⅓ Millennials, ⅓ Generation-X and  ⅓ Baby Boomers with a focus on those seeking to learn from the success of others for their business or career.

The Spotlight with Tony DUrso showcases Stars, Greats & Game Changers highlighting their successes and sharing their wisdom, advice and guidance to our audience.

This is a one-hour interview broadcasting through the VoiceAmerica radio network, and syndicated out to a myriad of platforms, such as iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Be a Guest on The Spotlight with Tony DUrso.