Get Visitors — Get Discovered!

Get Visitors – Get Discovered!

Do you want a lot of people checking out your Sales page? Your Branding page? Your Podcast?

Like most people, are you just trying to do it all yourself? Are you taking webinars, seminars and workshops to learn how to grow your social media and how to bring visitors to your site?

Are you downloading free ebooks, buying books, buying classes, doing this and doing that just to learn how to get more sales, more people, more exposure?

We all do! … It isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be for some, is it? It is a LOT of work. It is a LOT of effort. It takes a LOT of training.

Me too!–I spent years doing these activities to learn the latest and greatest because things change constantly!

Imagine how you would feel if you had 1000s and 1000s of consumers coming in each week and checking out what you have, including downloading your podcasts, watching your videos, checking out your webinars, reading your stuff…?

Really. Imagine that? Would that be nice?

I do understand completely, believe me. It’s a lot of work! Most people can’t do it all–the learning curve is too steep. You need help to get ‘er done!

My roots are lead generation and marketing, and I have cut through the chase to get a sizeable audience. I learned from some of the best!

I achieve over 100,000 monthly downloads on both of my shows! (Each show broadcasts once a week.)

Here is a screen shot of downloads as verified by podtrac.

(I will also show you a live feed of my stats, just ask.)

So, what do I offer?

It’s simple:

I will get you 1000s and 1000s of real people visitors each month. If you have a podcast, you can get over 5000 downloads monthly because I have done this for others. In fact, I helped a client get 6000 podcast downloads in two weeks!

Yes, I can get lots of people checking out your stuff.  I have a considerable social media network. My posts get millions of impressions!

I can get 1000s of people monthly to click through to your sales/website page. Some percentage will buy and sign up, which all depends on how compelling your page is.

The people are the real deal. They will click on the post that I write about you, and it’s up to them to do what they do when they land on your page.

Ask me to send you tracking links of real examples of what I did for others.

Do you want at least 5000 more people monthly checking out your stuff?

Yes, there are a LOT of moving parts if you try this yourself. Let me use my extensive social media network to generate a big audience for you.

I will tell you what I do, I will show you what I do, and then I will do it. And you will see the numbers.

Here are some testimonials from celebrities, VIPs and elite entrepreneurs!


OK, great. Schedule a Meet ‘n Greet chat with me and let’s get you going!

Let’s chat soon!


PS: Here are some other snapshots of my stats.–I will show you a live feed when we chat, just ask!