Your Master Plan Requires Strategic And Tactical

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As discussed in the last section, a Master Plan, in our sense, means a group of individual actions that you need to take to accomplish your Long-Term Objective (like a giant to-do list stretching out over years).

In launching a complex new product, you could have a Master Plan covering the design steps, another Master Plan for the hardware, another Master Plan for the software, and so on. Specific people can then be assigned a specific Master Plan to get a job done.

A product launch can move swiftly when organized in this fashion. In other words, this is the master things-to-do list that contains everything you need to accomplish your Long-Term Objective.

Strategic and Tactical Plans


Note: There is a big difference between this section and the Action List (Things-To-Do List that follows next.

The Master Plan covers what you are going to accomplish over the years, and is written in a way of accomplishing major items.

For example: If the Master Plan is to get your degree and then open up your own business, The Master Plan lists out the major accomplishments such as the key steps to getting your Associates Degree, the key steps to getting your Bachelor’s Degree, and so forth.

This is different from the Action List that follows which may cover tasks such as buying certain books, and taking the necessary steps to qualify for certain classes, and so forth.

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Master Plan and Action List

A simple review on the differences between a Master Plan and an Action List.

  • Master Plan: Goes over items to accomplish over a period of years.
  • Action List (Things-To-Do List): This is for the accomplishment of items on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (also called a Battle Plan).

Now, that said, there are two key parts of a Master Plan:

  • A Strategic Plan
  • A Tactical Plan.

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Strategic Plan

Strategic means your overall aim or plan in accomplishing the Long-Term Objective.

The dictionary says, “relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interest and the means of achieving them.”

The first section of your Master Plan should list out how you are going to accomplish your Long-Term Objective over a period of years.

What do you have to do? What do you have to accomplish? What barriers have to be dealt with? How are you going to do that?

It is wise for you to spend a lot of time on this section.

What is the strategy that you are going to incorporate to accomplish your Long-Term Objective?

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Tactical Plan

Tactical is relating or constituting actions carefully planned to gain a specific military purpose or advantage.

The second step of your Master Plan should list out those broad tactical actions that you need to accomplish.

In other words, how are you going to take those strategy steps and turn them into doable actions that are accomplishable?

Look at the Tactical Plan as a list of major tasks to do that covers years and is written in broad strokes.

(The Vision Map™ will be presented in its entirety in this series.)

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