Writing Your First Book

Part 1 of a Mini Series on Writing Your First Book

As you may know, I am a bestselling author with more fiction and non-fiction books to come.

I want you to join me as an author. I will make several points on why and how throughout this series.

Writing your fist book:  Should you write a book? Why?

Today It Is Easier Than Ever

Today it is easier than ever to write a book.

Yes, it takes time. Yes, it is worth it.

You should think about leaving a legacy regardless of your age.

You want to have something for your family.

You want your friends to know more about you.

You may even have an audience that wants more information on what you are an expert about.

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There Are Many Reasons To Write


There are many reasons to write a book.

Take a good serious look at this and decide that you are going to write a book. A good book.

Everybody should write a book in this day and age.

It is easy, and very rewarding despite the time that you will put into it.

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A Book Is Your “Baby”

Having your own book is your “baby.”

It is something to be proud of.

Yes, it is a distinction.

And again, everyone is good at something, so let’s share your story with the world.

If you ever built something cool with your own hands, you know what I mean.

This is what writing a book is like.

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Yes, You Should Write A Book

So yes, you should write a book. Make the decision now that you will do so.

To repeat: Why should you write?

It’s never been easier to write down your thoughts, your stories, your experiences and share them with others.

This is your legacy to your friends and family. Make this decision.

Start writing your first book.


(Further information on Writing Your First Book will be presented in its entirety in this series.)


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