When Down, Take a Break

Part 12 of a Mini Series on Building a Successful Business

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As discussed in the last section, He Who Persists, Succeeds, you are to persist no matter the obstacle! By persisting, you will accomplish your short-term actions, which will result in the eventual accomplishment of your Long-Term Objective.

That said, there are times when we have to take a breather. You cannot exercise 24 hours a day non-stop, can you?

If you fail, and fail, and fail, and fail, and fail nonstop, it makes sense to just do a full stop and look it all over.

In fact, it makes sense to take a break when you’re down, as that gives you a chance to regroup, right? We look at this topic next in The Vision Map™ series…

When Down, Take a Break

If you are down in spirit, or you lose a sale or have a setback, and you find that you are not as excited or motivated as you were before, then there is really only one action to take:

That action is to get yourself extroverted again.

Call it getting a second wind or anything else that you like, but if you were hit with a minor defeat, the only and best thing to do is to refortify yourself, your desires, your purposes, and then go back at it again hard!

One of the fastest remedies is to go outside and look around.

Focus your attention on something different, something completely different than your computer screen or the same four walls or the large mess in your office.

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Time To Switch Gears?


This may sound odd, and it may not make sense at first, but if your attention is stuck on something bad, then getting your attention extroverted is what the doctor ordered.

Take a break; find something else pleasant to which you can shift your attention upon and get refreshed. Immerse yourself in a new environment; get some space.

Once you feel better, review your Purpose, Long-Term Objectives, and actions to take.

Then come back with a fresh, new start and find someone else to talk to!

Sometimes you need to switch gears and divert your attention to something else for a time.

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Going Back At It

Get your second wind, and then go back at it! 

Remember the Purpose? That is what makes you pick yourself up, and try, try, try, and continue to try until you succeed. 

What is your Purpose in your business? 

For maximum success, your Purpose should be to help a specific category of people or companies.

Helping that group leads to mass sales which leads to success and getting rich.

If you start off just trying to “get rich,” you may notice a lot of problems as the purpose is incorrect.

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Remember Your Purpose?

If you are not successful in business, you need to go over your Purpose, and every point in this series on a regular basis.

In fact, it makes sense to take a break when you’re down, as that gives you a chance to regroup, right?

Taking a break when down, toggles with the next step in this series about continuing to reach out no matter what. There is a line to be drawn between the two.

You must reach out on a constant, never-tiring basis, to let the potential customer know who you are, where you are, and that you have what he or she needs.

We look at this topic next in The Vision Map™ series.

(The Vision Map™ will be presented in its entirety in this series.)


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