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Business Success with Tony DUrso

The Easy

There are smart ways to use social media to one’s advantage to get sales or promote your brand.

There are giant social media networks we all know such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Send out a post, and if done right, some people respond. How many respond is based on a myriad of options, features and techniques.

The Difficult

There are new social media networks that spring up on a constant and regular basis.

While these may be the greatest social media networks ever created, they have a learning curve, they take training, they take “getting the hang of it” and so forth.

Do you have the time to learn a dozen new social media networks each week? Why would you do that?

Some of these have gotten very popular through their tight marketing focus, such as SnapChat and Instagram. There are many others.

I get pitched to join new networks on a regular basis. Despite how great they are, there is only so much of “me” and my time.

The Best

It is impossible to do everything.

The best answer is to focus on only a few and become a master of them.

One post on 100 different social media networks is not as good as one post on one network that draws in 1000s of views and clicks, right?

With 20 years in Lead Generation and Marketing, I learned how to best utilize the social media networks to my advantage.

Case In Point

Two years ago I started with zero audience.

Zero podcasts.

Zero high-profile executive friends.

I started a podcast, Revenue Chat, and used my Lead Generation and Social Media knowledge and expertise.

Fast Forward

Today, nearly two years later, my downloads are nearly One Million (1,000,000). tonydurso.com/radio

Today, most of my friends are High-Profile, Stars, Elite Entrepreneurs and some of the Most Successful People on Earth. tonydurso.com/thespotlight

Today, nearly two years later, my social media network is well over 50,000 and in a major growth spurt.

Now, two years later, I am able to help any company who wants 1000s of weekly targeted clicks to their offer or brand. Yes, 1000s weekly, and at a cost far below what the big boys charge.

I help startups and entrepreneurs turn their businesses into their Dream Business and this is one of the many methods I utilize to do that. tonydurso.com/dream-biz

If your business needs a boost, let me see how I can help you. That’s what I’m all about.

Meanwhile, I hope you check out some of my shows at the links above and tell me how you like them!

Make today the Best Day Of Your Life!


About Tony DUrso

Tony is a 4-time author with his latest Amazon Bestseller: Elite Entrepreneurs.

Tony debuted his new radio show, “The Spotlight” on the national VoiceAmerica Network in June 2017. During the one-hour live weekly show on VoiceAmerica’s Influencers Channel, DUrso brings a conversational and entertaining angle into the exciting world of elite business executives, game-changing innovators and exclusive VIPs. Voice America boasts over three and a half million listeners across their channels.

DUrso is also the host of the weekly podcast Revenue Chat. Each episode, averaging 10,000 downloads, features an Elite Entrepreneur who achieved success in business through hard work and overcoming adversity.

Increase Your Brand Loyalty

Each week 1,000s of listeners download the exciting interviews with some of the world’s top entrepreneurial and business talent on Revenue Chat and The Spotlight. Get 1,000s of savvy listeners further exposed to your product and brand. Email me.

Thanks, and remember:  YOU can make life better for yourself and everyone: Choose Wisely!



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