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The Vision Map™ — Beat The Odds For Your Business Success!

Is it true that a majority of new businesses fail?

In order to have a successful growing business, there are some vital points that you must know, you must have worked them out thoroughly, they must be synchronized with each other, and all employees, consultants, and companies that you depend on must know these items and be in agreement with them if your new business is to meet with a high percentage of success!

Get The Vision Map™ now!–It’s Free!–Learn how to establish your Vision, Purpose, Long-Term Objective and Master Plan including Strategic and Tactical Planning!

Two Weekly Talk Shows!

The Spotlight with Tony DUrso: I interview Stars, Greats & Game Changers, broadcasting every Friday at 1 PM Pacific Time. Shows also available OnDemand.

Revenue Chat Radio: I Interview Elite Entrepreneurs who share how they made it, providing insight and actionable advice to the audience. New shows uploaded every Friday.

Listen on your Smart Device and Mobile Phone: Download the free mobile app–it knows if you have Android or an iPhone!

Make it a habit to join me every week!

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