The Vision Map™: Achieving The Impossible

Part 9 of a Mini Series on Building a Successful Business

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As discussed in the last section, Getting Others On the Same Page, you need to get your Vision Map™ information in front of any employee, consultant or outsourced company.

Your company’s Vision Map™ needs to be read out at the beginning of employee meetings. It needs to go in the beginning of employee training, in manuals, and in online employee documents. It needs to be posted in employee break rooms and so forth.

Awards should be worked out and issued for accomplishment of an Objective or a milestone enroute to that accomplishment. (More info is in Part 8.)

With that in mind. . .

Achieving The Impossible

The next thing you want to do is, once a day or once a week, pull out this information and go over it. Make your Action List (Things-To-Do List) real to you.

Do not care or bother if you encounter anyone who is negative or critical of you or your so-called “impossible” Long-Term Objectives.

That kind of person you really do not need in your life to succeed.

In fact, why bother telling such people if they are negative? And if this person is a family member with whom you are intimately and inextricably (unable to separate from) connected, then why go through the trouble of assuredly being shot down?

Why bother indeed!

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Share With The Right People

In other words, why share your purposes and goals with someone who you know is going to make fun of you, or put you down, or make you look dumb? Why bother telling such a person no matter who this person is?

You will have a much greater chance of success by simply keeping it to yourself and pushing forth with all of the energy and power that you can put together.

You may find that you can move more swiftly on your way to attaining your Long-Term Objective by making your own decisions and getting things done. By this is meant just that: make your own decisions and get things done.

As an example, what if Bill Gates had relied on his friends to give him advice before he pursued his Long-Term Objectives and was criticized to the point of not doing anything with computers?

He would probably still be waiting and “working on it.”

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What About Your Favorite Stars?

Take your most favorite musician or band: what if that person was pushed away from music because some friend or family member convinced him or her that it was silly?

The answer: that person would not exist as your most favorite entertainer.

That person would be at some place working a day job and the world would not have that music.

Take one of your most favorite movie stars: what if this person only sat at home and watched movies during his or her spare time.

In other words, what if this person never pursued the Long-Term Objective of making great movies? That would be a shame, right?

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Famous People Achieved Fame Through Action

The famous people that you thought of above, and all the famous people on this earth, have achieved that fame through taking action and following through on their Purpose and Long-Term Objective regardless of what anyone said or did against them.

The point here is that once you decide what is best for you; get on with it and just do it. Once it is done, you can then discuss it with people.

You can try this experiment: come up with a Long-Term Objective about which you have not spoken to anyone beforehand. Write it down with the date.

Then tell your friends and family about it. Continue to tell everyone and boast about how great it will be. . .

(You will sadly find that lofty goal and plan never gets done… To Be Continued.)

(The Vision Map™ will be presented in its entirety in this series.)


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