Meet Kris Miller

Kris Miller lived a modest life, helping people manage their money, but then she got the phone call that you never want to get. One of her loved ones passed away, and that forced Kris to cover all the expenses, debts and obligations!

Now she has to take on a 3rd job just to make ends meet! – Kris is elderly and should not have to work so hard at this stage in her life. Can you see it in your heart to give her a helping hand? She needs a rest.

Give love. Give hope. – Help neighbors in need. Your generosity & your kindness help those with critical needs. God Bless You.

When you give to The Southgate Fdn., you give help, love, and hope to neighbors who need you. – Our volunteers are boots on the ground to share love and hope with those in need, providing material such as shoes, blankets, clothes, water, including food, housing assistance, and even medical & funeral help as possible.