Meet Hameedan Bibi

Hameeda is a 55-year-old widow with 4 daughters and lives in a distant and remote town with an old and dilapidated house made of mud and straw. However, due to changing weather conditions and frequent heavy rains, her house collapsed, leaving her without a proper shelter. Some of her belongings were damaged, and whatever little was salvageable has been temporarily stored at someone else’s house.

Now, she and her daughters reside in a small space, exposed to the elements, without a roof over their heads. The situation is especially distressing considering the scorching heat of the summer season. Her daughters’ dignity is at stake due to the lack of privacy and proper living conditions.

We are currently assisting her in rebuilding her house. Some salvaged bricks from the fallen house, and additional bricks we plan to purchase, along with sand, cement, and other necessary materials, are required for this construction project. Additionally, we need funds to cover labor wages for the workers who will help in re-constructing the house.

Although we are not aiming for an elaborate or extravagant dwelling, our goal is to construct a modest room where she and her daughters can live safely. This project is centered around providing them a basic, dignified living space amidst their challenging circumstances.

With your assistance, The Southgate Foundation can help Hameeda and her family.