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Bree Noble: Entrepreneur, musician and speaker says, “If you have goals for your music business, I want to see those reflected on your calendar.” She received her BA in Music and Business from Westmont College. She is a Touring musician & speaker, and founder & CEO of Women of Substance Radio & Podcast. It is […]

Mike Shelah, the LinkedIn Man: He started out sharing his insights and perspectives on LinkedIn with audiences throughout Maryland. He was found to be infectious, enthusiastic, and practical and his business grew. In 2015, he founded Mike Shelah Consulting to work directly with companies and sales professionals nationwide to help them find more customers and […]

Tiffany C. Wright says, “You can access the cash you need to impact your business.” She’s the author of a new book called The Funding Is Out There! Access the Cash You Need to Impact Your Business. Whether you’ve got a $300,000 transportation business, a $20 million business services company, or are an aspiring entrepreneur […]

Tom Hunt says, “Let’s make it happen!” and is quite serious about that. He got his masters degree in chemistry which gave him a short lived 3 years employment as he discovered he could make far more helping entrepreneurs achieve their dream. Click here to open FormForm is successfully submitted. Thank you!GET HELP DOING WHAT […]

High-performance coach, Todd Herman says, “I help ambitious people perform. Period.” With over 18 years of experience, he is the creator of ‘The 90 Day Year’ Program, a goal achievement system used by entrepreneurs and companies like Shell, Goldman Sachs, Cisco Systems and Government agencies around the world. Click here to open FormForm is successfully […]

Bill Shander says,“No Matter What You Do. Master your message and you will master your business.” Bill is the Founder of Beehive Media, a Boston-based data visualization and information design consultancy. He specializes in creating interactive experiences for thought leadership, research, advocacy and knowledge management. Click here to open FormForm is successfully submitted. Thank you!GET […]

Charles Strange says, “There is money hidden in your company right now. Money that you can’t see.” Author of the up and coming book, Hidden Money, Charlie graduated from the University of Massachusetts – Boston, Magna Cum Laude with a degree in philosophy. Click here to open FormForm is successfully submitted. Thank you!GET HELP DOING […]

Alicia Nicole Waters, iconically known as the Global Evolutionary Leadership Mastery Pioneer, says she wants to catch you on the next evolutionary wave of success. She is a multimedia personality, published author of over 90 books and an ordained minister. She is the CEO of The Global Trinity Empires, which includes Alicia “Waters” Cross Industries […]

Donnie P says, “No Money, No Problem! Drive Your Business to Success with 5-Life-Changing Principles.” He is the author of the popular book “How to Catch a Mouse with No Cheese: Real World Lessons and Experiences from an Entrepreneur” and he has certainly lived the tale. Donnie lived and breathed what he now teaches by […]

Managing Director of the NAELB Lease Broker School Gary Greene says, “This is a great time to build a business as a financing professional.” He is all about helping other businesses grow and improve their profits. Click here to open FormForm is successfully submitted. Thank you!GET HELP DOING WHAT YOU LOVE IN LIFE!LEARN FROM OUR […]