Weekly Chats With Stars, Greats and Elite Entrepreneurs

Welcome to Revenue Chat and The Spotlight with Tony DUrso, two weekly Internet Radio and podcast talk shows where I speak to Stars, Greats, Game Changers and Elite Entrepreneurs who made it & share their Actionable Advice and Insights with You. These interviews are perfect for the Startup, Entrepreneur, Small to Mid-Size business owner, and Corporate Execs.

I have a passion to find out what makes these Greats successful, and we discover their purpose, vision and what drives them. These shows give you nuggets that help motivate, inspire and take you to higher levels of success.

I was inspired by many great shows and great people, and thank them for breaking new ground and paving the way such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Nathan Latka, Tim Ferriss, Pat Flynn, John Dumas—Entrepreneur on Fire (EOFire), Chalene Johnson, NPR, HBR, the StartUp podcast, Art of Charm, Dave Ramsey, Planet Money, APM Marketplace, Mixergy, Seth Godin, #AskGaryVee, ProBlogger, Question of the Day, Build Your Tribe, and Diane Sanfilippo.

Below are some of the kind words of praise and testimonials about these insightful Weekly Podcasts: Revenue Chat and The Spotlight with Tony DUrso

Tony DUrso consistently delivers a show that keeps listeners listening, and it shows in how his audience grows show after show. He’s the Best of the Best. Jeff Spenard, CEO VoiceAmerica

Tony DUrso’s Show is a REQUIRED LISTENING for my TEAM.  Tony helps you realize your company and personal Dreams.  His shows are the recurring shot in the arm we all need to succeed! C. Douglas Conlan, Habooble Communcations

Love this show and the host Tony is fantastic! Rebecca Dancing Word

I had the pleasure of meeting Tony DUrso in person and I quickly came to realize he is a rare breed.  Someone who is very caring, thought provoking and a great listener!  After getting know him as a person, I had the honor of learning more about his story and his professional accomplishments including his success with his podcast! I became very intrigued with his podcast and I’ve gotta say this is one of the best podcasts I’ve heard for startups, entrepreneurs, corporations and industry leaders!  One of my favorite shows is called EP 87: Getting Money To Come To You by Tony DUrso so now go check it out! – Musa Elmaghradi

Some things come with experience, and as your teacher, Tony has more than anyone I know in what he does. Top notch, news, ideas and information to grow your company. I definitely recommend Tony! – Running Wolf 1989

Tony did an excellent job of highlighting the ways that I benefit my clients by helping them identify the business ownership opportunities that best fit their goals. I recommend any of Tony DUrso’s Revenue Chat episodes. He does an excellent job of choosing guests that have relevant information to share. In addition, he is a master at highlighting the most interesting points that a listener wants to know. – Ringarg

Revenue Chat is a great source and knowledgeable hub to find out about certain areas of interest straight from people who have experience in them. With a huge array of different topics, everyone should find something that they like!! – B-rian N

Mr. DUrso has conversations with really motivational speakers which isn’t easy to find in this era of information-overload. The speakers Tony talks to are really inspiring and these podcasts aren’t just text-to-speech boxes, they’re really exciting! Tony is clearly very excited and passionate about his work, as he inferred through the fantastic narration that keeps listeners like me holding on for more insight. This podcast is teaching me how to navigate my way out of college debt and into establishing financial success for the future ahead 🙂 I can’t wait to be debt-free and making $$$!!! Thank you so much Mr. DUrso & thank you for your interviewees!! – Mikeascene

As a small business owner I can always count on learning something to help my business. His guests bring a wide array of experience to the table. I look forward to each podcast. – MB Virtual

Tony DUrso brings the best of the best to help any entrepreneur find podcasts to listen to that in some instances can catapult you forward. I love this place! – MGoren and Knolly

Quality content on revenue strategies delivered in an easy to understand format. – CRSGroup

Love the show! Thanks for sharing Tony! Tony’s interview style is open and insightful and the guests are packed with great information. – FreshTrackswithKelly

Contracts are one of the most important “bases” to cover in your business! Your interview with Yolanda Tucker helped drive home the point of the importance of having a person experienced with contracts to review the whole document. This way you understand what’s involved, what you want to negotiate and the measurable. This understanding helps the relationship stay harmonious. – Yolanda Tucker Interview

I love Tony’s broad focus on business for so many windows. I greatly enjoyed talking. Did not feel like an interview but a conversation. He is deeply interested in those he talks with and it makes it a very interesting engagement and good listen. Thanks for including me. – Carol

The interview with Meredith Bell was excellent. Meredith had many great things to share and Tony was very helpful in leading the interview. I look forward to next time. – Dave Ribble

Tony’s podcast is a must listen for generating more revenue in your business. The different perspectives of the people he interviews are game changing. More importantly, you ACTUALLY learn practical methods you can actually apply for generating revenue! This isn’t a show where you listen and have nothing to actually takeaway. Revenue Chat is a must listen for any serious entrepreneur or business owner! – MusicWiz8

Tony has such a gift for pulling fantastic nuggets from his guests. I recently came across Tony’s site when I was searching for interviews with Todd Herman. I listened to every single one. I know Todd’s story better than he does. Most of the interviews covered the same territory…until I listened to Tony’s interview. Then I finally understood why Todd has been sought out by world leaders for 2 decades. Tony has a gift for communicating his authentic curiosity in his guests, consequently he gets the answers no one else does. If you are seeking actionable business information, look no further than this podcast! – HiloryW


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