Imen of Atlantis
Volume 1

“A unique world in the tradition of Tolkien.”

“A tale well told with harrowing chases, writing that paints pictures in your head, characters that you truly care about and a plot full of twists that keep you turning the page.” The Tolucan Times

Roni is an Imen, a once fierce warrior race that has chosen to be healers after a divine ultimatum. She is called upon to heal a young man named Eyvind, the Prince of Carron, but while doing so she violates a cardinal rule because of curiosity about the prince, and as the cliche goes, all hell breaks loose.

In the world of Imen-Hera, in the land of Atlantis, the Imen possessed great powers. Once a powerful race, they captured & dominated every nation & territory on the four landmasses of Atlantis until none were left.