Imen of Atlantis
Volume 1

“A unique world in the tradition of Tolkien.”

She’s an Imen, a mythical being with extraordinary powers. He’s the Crown Prince of Carron running for his life. Their paths intertwine, they need to help each other to fulfill their fate.

Roni is the only daughter of the Emperor of Imen-Hera. Residing in a world beneath the forest, she is dedicated to healing any injured being needing help. While answering a distress call in the forest, she finds Prince Eyvind terribly wounded and heals him. In doing so, however, she unintentionally oversteps a cardinal rule and starts to suffer from a strange illness.

Eyvind is the Crown Prince of Carron and an avid hunter. Saved by Roni, he returns home to marry Princess Adina of Carthinia in an attempt to end the bloodshed between their kingdoms. Little does he know that the treaty is nothing but a ruse and that both his father and the Queen of Carthinia have malefic plans set in motion to overthrow each other.

Attending a big gathering in celebration of their marriage, Eyvind fears that the Princess is involved with someone else. Digging deeper, his suspicions are confirmed. Now, he is determined to unveil her lover’s identity. Will he succeed in time and how will the truth change his destiny?

Wandering the forest, Roni’s illness intensifies. Focused on discovering what ails her, she doesn’t realize that she’s being stalked by Bomo, an ogreish-looking woodcutter. He knows of her powers and wants her for himself. Will Roni be able to evade Bomo long enough to find out what’s happening to her?

What will be our heroes’ fates and the future of their kingdoms? Imen of Atlantis is an epic-high fantasy that will appeal to all Tolkien and adventure fantasy lovers.

Order your copy now and join Roni and Eyvind in this dark fantasy full of treachery, adventure, and action.