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Luke Lintz - Revolutionizing Social Media Marketing

Luke Lintz is a successful businessman, entrepreneur and social media personality who specializes in the use of social media to enhance digital branding. He aims to revolutionize social media marketing as the owner of HighKey Agency which has worked with celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Kevin Hart & Snoop Dogg.

Would you like a million people following you on social media, such as Instagram? – When you put out a social media post would you like tons and tons of people to engage, like and comment? – If you’re like me, you’re already at the edge of your chair and thinking, “Yeah, of course.” – Well, this is what Luke does.

HighKey Enterprises is a highly rated company which has molded its global reputation by servicing high-pro file clients, from A-listers in the entertainment industry to the most successful 1% across the globe.

Insider's Brief

Here’s an Insider’s brief about dealing with anxiety, with ways of thinking and acting that can help you stop worrying, and start living. We’re going to teach you how to face what you’ve been avoiding without giving in to your compulsions to make the anxiety go away.

We speak with Joanna Hardis, who is trained in ERP – Exposure and Response Therapy. Starts at: 44:36..

We discuss:

  • What is distress tolerance and how does it relate to feeling better?
  • What do you mean by Just do Nothing?
  • How does anxiety keep people stuck?

Find out more:



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