Paving the Way in Publishing with Dr. Melissa Caudle

Paving the Way in Publishing with Dr. Melissa Caudle

Dr. Melissa Caudle - Paving the Way in Publishing

Dr. Melissa Caudle, author, screenwriter and producer, earned a PhD in statistical research and administration from the University of New Orleans. She is a retired award winning high school principal who came into the television and film production arena in 1986 when she was on the morning news with a live episode talk-format segment dealing with educational issues for children.

Capitalizing on her educational training and background, she uses her experience and training to bring her readers information that is easy to understand; yet, comprehensive. Her books for screenwriters, producers, and reality show creators are fast becoming the number resources around the globe.

Never before, has there been a more accomplished individual to share information. From her book The Reality of Reality TV: Film Business Plans, to her “how to books,” Dr. Mel provides instruction and insight for her readers.

Show Notes

Her dream began when she was in the 7th grade. Challenged in her English class to write a short story for the final term paper she wrote a romance story with a fellow classmate and was hooked from then on. She fell in love with writing.

She went on to teach and at 26 became the principal of a school for juvenile delinquents. This was the youngest principal of a school in the nation, at that time.

Being worried about her situation, her dad and brother, helped her put together a crisis plan, just in case.

Well that paid off because when there was a shooting in the school (before the time of Columbine), she had gotten the entire situation under control, and classes resumed at the school within 15 minutes.

But they couldn’t use the lunch room for a bit because it was a crime scene with all of the bullet holes — she took care of everything…

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