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Nick Petros is the founder at Pinchforth where he works with early-stage founders to establish traction and scale (revenue & customer adoption). He works with companies through a value-based approach empowers them to uncover their most potent, untapped opportunities. But there’s a mission behind the consulting effort too: he believes we’re in the middle of […]

C.B. Hoffmann and Dan Hoffmann have created and self-published 6 faith-based books, 3 audiobooks, an audio-drama podcast, Fashion Assassin Podcast, and a short film about a fashion designer who is blackmailed into being an assassin, ultimately finding her way to repentance, forgiveness, and salvation. They’re doing it all on their own, from writing and editing […]

Nick Raschke is COO at Prolific Media, a world-class data-driven direct response advertising firm providing sophisticated solutions to clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 Brands. Working with B2C clients in various verticals including eCommerce, fashion, technology, mobile apps, sports, financial services, and retail Prolific has generated $150+ million in trackable revenue.

Michael & Bonnie are the founders of Barefoot Wine, America’s #1 Wine Brand. Their New York Times Business Bestseller, The Barefoot Spirit, is now required reading in more than 50 schools of entrepreneurship. They are thought leaders in entrepreneurship, workshop leaders, speakers, bloggers, writers, consultants, and regular media guests. Their new audiobook is presented is […]

Scott Omelianuk recently joined Inc. as Editor in Chief, where his responsibilities include developing new lines of business to serve the entrepreneurial community and overseeing the events and content that make up the Inc. ecosystem. Trained as a journalist, motivated by business and excited by technology, Scott’s passion is a disruptive, do-it-first approach that generates […]

Cody Barbo currently serves as Founder/CEO of Trust & Will, a modern estate planning software startup. He also serves on the San Diego State University Alumni Board of Advisers as VP of Partnerships. Cody co-founded “Niche”. Niche is a private location-based photo sharing application that allows users to create a ‘niche’ at any location, invite […]

Greg Faherty is a Certified Professional Resume Writer. He brings 20 years of resume writing experience to the table, through his own companies and as a senior writer for several of the world’s largest internet resume firms. His accomplishments include producing more than 15,000 resumes, serving as a resume and cover letter subject matter expert […]