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Jim Rafferty - Lessons in Leadership

A former radio announcer and program director, Jim Rafferty puts three decades of marketing experience to work helping businesses communicate better, writing in a conversational and entertaining style, and bringing that same voice to his work as a speaker and presenter.

He’s a former Boy Scout leader, the story of which serves as the catalyst for Leader by Accident. Jim is the marketing & communications consultant for JMRketing, LLC.

Insider's Brief

Find your clarity, resolve and purpose. Yes, all three.

When you need someone to help you rise up through the different levels of growth, you’re best served by having a coach help you the entire way.

We mean a plan, coaching and accountability. No one gets there alone, and it’s tough at times, so let’s bring in the Special Forces.

Meet Otis McGregor. A US Army Green Beret for 25 years, he’s done it from driving tanks to doing missions in the most extreme conditions all over the world.

His business focus is on Tribe Plus Purpose to help leaders like you lead high-performing teams.

We discuss:

  • Why he went from dangerous missions all over the world to being an executive coach?
  • How he discovered his purpose?
  • The biggest mistake he ever made, plus some.

For more information, please visit: /www.tribe-purpose.com.


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