EP9. Grace Olugbodi Gives Math Tips To Raise Income

Grace Olugbodi - Gives Math Tips To Raise Income

image9She runs several business such as Nutrition for the body and for the mind. Over the past 9 years, her business has shown over 2,000 families how to retain nutrition in their foods. Grace has further expanded into nutrition for the mind, and helps children fall in love with Mathematics so parents can worry less and build more options for success in future.

She has a BS Computing degree and finished with a 1st Class Honors, largely as a result of choosing the most Maths-like units wherever there was a choice. She then worked in Investment banking for 8 years in the City of London as a programmer. Her Masters was in Financial Markets.

She is on Amazon’s #1 Best-Selling author’s list as co-author with Millionaire Maker Loral Langemeier & $4 Billion Sales King & “As Seen on TV” brand owner Kevin Harrington.

Grace has won two women National Awards (Business Category) in the last 2 years. She’s been quoted on NBC, FOX, ABC, and CBS News, featured in local and national media, in the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) magazine, Woman Online magazine, online PR websites and other media.

All right, get ready for Grace to give us some math tips to helping us grow our income, right here on Revenue Chat.


  • How do you advise anyone who’s not good at math but wants to run a business?
  • How about someone already running a business? Where can they start from if they’re not good at math?
  • What about people who just don’t “get” math? Are there “math-dyslexic” people who can just never get good at math and are an exception to the rule?
  • No matter what level the person is at, what techniques would you recommend to get better at numbers?
  • Do we have to all become accountants now to be able to run a business effectively?
  • How much is 200 pennies? High School students/graduates were asked and you won’t believe the answers!
  • There are calculators—why do I need to know any math?
  • What are some quick shortcuts you can give as to calculating the important things that one needs in business?
  • Is it enough being skilled/talented at knowing the products a business owner is selling?

This is a very lively interview with Grace Olugbodi Best Selling Author and Math Whiz!


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