Dr. Randall George Nozawa - Transforming Adversity Into Opportunity

Dr. Randall George Nozawa says, “You have to believe it before you can see it.” He was blinded through two violent acts, which left him broke and nearly homeless. He went on to form the highly successful Transformational Kaizen Institute for Personal Freedom. Regardless of your personal or financial situation, he can be an inspiring and steadying influence to navigate you through obstacles.

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning the practice of continuous improvement in life as well as business, and is recognized as a long-term competitive strategy to success. Kaizen comes from two words, “change” and “good.”

Dr. Randall to tell us how to transform adversity into opportunity, on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • 04:04 How it all started for Dr. Randall George Nozawa, Founder of the acclaimed Transformational Kaizen Institute for Personal Freedom.
  • 05:31 Playing football was most influential in his life teaching Dr. Randall the one team concept.
  • 06:53 At one time Dr. Randall was in the top 1% in the country of wage earners in his industry but he didn’t love it.
  • 07:33 In an instant Dr. Randall from a rich, sighted doctor to blind and totally broke. Sobering!
  • 08:47 How Dr. Randall dealt with the challenges after the next horrific accident.
  • 11:09 Dr. Randall’s decision to be a life changer and not just a counsellor.
  • 11:23 Dr. Randall wrote 77 digital books, he calls Wisdom Scrolls.
    Such as overcoming addiction, dating, having better marriage, how to overcome limiting beliefs and others.
  • 11:59 Dr. Randall is now a professional and personal development advisor as well as a global keynote speaker and published author.
  • 12:06 As a wealth transformation coach and business strategist, Dr. Randall helps people make more money through awaking their passion and accentuating their talents.
  • 14:04 Dr. Randall’s goal is to be the agent of change for 3.5 billion people and more.
  • 14:52 Dr. Randall says money is a good tool, but if you develop your dream and then monetize it that way you will be the happiest and most fulfilled.
  • 15:32 Mentions and comments about inspirational people such as Abraham Lincoln, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.
  • 16:30 Dr. Randall’s life long mission to educate, inspire and empower individuals to live their greatest life.
  • 16:58 Don’t settle for average, ordinary or mediocre because you are not! You have these gifts.
  • 17:16 Why Dr. Randall created the Transformational Kaizen Institute for Personal Freedom.
  • 18:30 About Dr. Randall’s signature program: Transforming Adversity Into Opportunity.
  • 20:03 Money is a great tool and it’s only a tool, but it provides time-freedom!
  • 24:10 Simple advice to anyone experiencing the unexpected worst. It’s not expected and it suddenly comes along and throws everything out of whack.
  • 26:51 Dr. Randall’s 3 Rules For Success! Check this out!
    L.E.G., Giving and Transforming Adversity Into Opportunity!
  • 30:33 Profound and in-depth discussion with Dr. Randall on giving and the God Laws.
  • 33:08 Giving stimulates receiving. Learn to be a better receiver.
  • 33:41 The vision and purpose of Dr. Randall. What drives him to keep on.
  • 37:28 Mentions and comments about coaches, mentors and influences in Dr. Randall’s life: Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Mary Marcy, Lisa Sasevich, Ted McGrath, Jennifer McClean, Christie Whitman and Dr. Steven T. Busby.
  • 39:20 Major influence in the life of Dr. Randall: Debrah Ruh, of Ruh Global Communications (upcoming guest on Revenue Chat).
    An international mover, business and spiritual mentor.
  • 41:00 Dr. Randall reads biographies and learns about other people. You can model success or not. We all can choose. We were meant to be better than we are.
  • 41:17 Dr. Randall says: You’ve gotten to this point for a reason because of your belief system. If you are not happy with your outcomes you can change them.
  • 41:47 Special free gift to you from Dr. Randall: The Wisdom Bible.
  • 44:56 Once you put your heart and mind into something, it becomes true due to a higher vibrational match. It’s attractive.

A spiritually astute interview about transforming adversity into opportunity. Dr. Randall shows us clearly how any crisis can be positively utilized no matter what it is. A sweeping interview covering business sense along with a higher purpose. I love it! You’ll find it a lot easier to not only do well but get rich, by understanding these insightful principles! (Make sure to get your free copy of the Wisdom Bible!)

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