Amazon’s Secrets Revealed with Jason Boyce

Jason Boyce - Amazon’s Secrets Revealed

Jason is a seasoned entrepreneur and nationally recognized expert on Amazon, is considered one of the world’s leading advocates for Third-Party Sellers.

He is the Founder and CEO of Avenue 7 Media, LLC, a seller management group that harnesses the power of Amazon for direct to consumer product brands. His new book, co-authored with Rick Cesari, is titled “The Amazon Jungle,” and it offers strategies for sellers to succeed on the America’s largest marketplace. Boyce began selling direct to consumers as an e-commerce retailer in 2002 and as a 3P Amazon seller in 2003.

Over a decade and a half of real- word trial and error, Boyce developed his 7-Step Method that established his company as a Top 200 Amazon Seller and a top 1,000 e-commerce seller, according to Internet Retailer Magazine.



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