Multi-Award-Nominated Horror Author with JG Faherty

TAKE A JOURNEY with Multi-Award-Nominated Horror Author JG Faherty. – His paranormal thriller, The Cure, was a finalist for the 2015 Bram Stoker Award® for Superior Achievement in a Novel and his young adult paranormal romance The Ghosts of Coronado Bay was a finalist for the coveted Bram Stoker Award® for YA Horror in 2011.

JG Faherty - Multi-Award-Nominated Horror Author

A life-long resident of New York’s haunted Hudson Valley, JG Faherty has been a finalist for both the Bram Stoker Award® (The Cure, Ghosts of Coronado Bay) and ITW Thriller Award (The Burning Time), and he is the author of 6 novels, 9 novellas, and more than 60 short stories. His next novel, Hellrider, comes out from Flame Tree Press in 2019.

He writes adult and young adult horror/sci- /fantasy, and is a member of the Horror Writers Associations’ Board of Trustees as well as the head of the HWA’s Library and Literacy programs. He is also an active member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, and Romance Writers of America. JG’s works range from quiet, dark suspense to over-the-top comic gruesomeness.

A fan of horror and science fiction since he was able to change the channel on the TV, one of his earliest memories is seeing Planet of the Apes and Night of the Living Dead as a double feature at the drive-in with his parents.



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