John Kramer & Kevin Williams: The Floow & Trusting Your Gut!

John Kramer is Vice President of The Floow, North America, which is one of the world’s leading providers of device-agnostic telematics solutions for the auto insurance industry…

Kevin Williams left two offers on the Shark Tank table as founder of Brush Hero, which he turned into a giant on his own…more.

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John Kramer

John is Vice President of The Floow, North America, where he leads and manages business strategy and implementation. Based in Sheeld, UK, and with U.S. headquarters in Detroit, The Floow is one of the world’s leading providers of device-agnostic telematics solutions for the auto insurance industry.

Kevin Williams

Kevin is the Global Marketing and Operations Executive who has a deep understanding of new social entrepreneurship. One of the founders of Brush Hero, he recently appeared on Shark Tank (leaving the tank with two offers on the table).


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