EP35. It’s time For A Healthy Attitude Shift! By Bob Lancer

Bestselling author and motivational speaker Bob Lancer says, “you create your own economy.”

He is from Brooklyn, NY and graduated from Long Island University with a degree in English and Education. He then met and began studying with his “wisdom teacher”, who led him into the original realizations that he applies, develops and shares ever since.

lighten upBob presents Breakthrough With The Power Of Appreciation keynotes and seminars to CEO groups, university students and professors, Fortune 500 work teams, parents living in homeless shelters, dentists and doctors and their clinical and office work teams, wild fire fighters and hospital teams, youth achievement groups and clients of wealth management firms, preschool teachers, prisoners in incarceration, etc. He has empowered all of these diverse groups for breakthroughs into positive, inspired goal-achievement through the power of appreciation.

In addition to live presentations, he reached tens of thousands each week through WSB Radio AM and FM motivational talk show that broadcasted for 15 years to 35 states, and continues to reach people through the media through countless guest appearances on radio, TV and podcasts.

Bob believes the reason that everything that happens to us, happens to us, is to give us the golden opportunity to establish ourselves more and more stably and completely “in the zone” of unconditional love and appreciation, which opens the door of greater accomplishment and more abundance.

Bob shares with us the key to creating our own destiny on this episode of Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso.


  • Finally The Method that frees people of the negatives so they can live in the positive zones.
  • It’s great to think positive but do old mindsets creep back in?
  • No more waking up at 2am with anxiety attacks despite practicing positive thinking.
  • No more anxieties or discouragements around money, relationships & general feelings about life.
  • When you do The Method, everyone in your life gets uplifted or negative people go away.
  • You can have 10,000 new business ideas and none will work until you use The Method.
  • How do you stop the situation of people in your life treating you like you are not valuable?
  • You can finally experience what you want to experience.
  • Improving yourself in sales and marketing ability is astronomical when using The Method.



This was such an uplifting show with Bob! Profound! Get your healthy attitude shift here! I Love The Method. You gotta check this out!




If you like pleasure reading, and you enjoy zoning into a good read that you cannot put down, check out The Good, Bad and Gold: The Pursuit. This was a labor of love of ten years in the making. I am well into Book 2 (Dark Horizons). I am also working on an Expanded Edition of The Pursuit with a pre-history of the Imen. It’s a work in progress, so let’s see how that all comes together.

If you want to get some of the simplest and easiest basics of sales, then check out Easy Sales Procedures. You’re gonna say, hey, this is so basic…this is too easy… Yeah, well, I get that a lot.–You need the building foundation in place before you add any floors, right? Check it out and let me know how you like it.

If you want some nostalgic reading; if you want to read one of the most craziest stories you ever heard, then you gotta check out: The Crazy Life of a Kid From Brooklyn by Bill Morgenstein. You will NOT believe the wild antics this guy gets into! And it’s a true story!–And I still can’t stop laughing about the prom! Insane!


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Thanks, and remember:

YOU can make life better for yourself and everyone: Choose Wisely!


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