Intending For It To Happen

Part 10 of a Mini Series on Building a Successful Business

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As discussed in the last section, The Vision Map™: Achieving The Impossible, the famous people that you know, in fact all the famous people on this earth, have achieved that fame through taking action and following through on their Purpose and Long-Term Objectives regardless of what anyone said or did against them.

The point here is that once you decide what is best for you; get on with it and Just Do It!

Once it is done, you can then discuss it with everyone else, because once a task or action item is “done” then it is very hard for someone to stop you from doing it, right?

Let’s look at this a little closer . . .

Real Goals That Never Materialized

To drive this point home to you, here is a smattering of Long-Term Objectives that people actually told me, which never materialized:

“I want to be a welder because they make a lot of money.”

“I want to make a how-to video and sell it.”

“I want to open up my own store.”

“I want to open up my own car restoration shop.”

These and literally 1000s of wonderful Long-Term Objectives that people said over the years have never materialized.

You know people that have done this: this person boasts about being successful in the future in some career, and then never follows through.

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Make Your Own Decisions


Periodically look at the note you wrote down in the experiment on part 9 of this series.

The odds are that you will not ever accomplish that Long-Term Objective.

The odds are that you will eventually throw that piece of paper away and forget all about it.

This is what happens when you ask some one else to make your decisions for you: your Long-Term Objective is never reached.

Make your own decisions. Tell yourself what you are going to do.

Work out your Purpose, Long-Term Objective and actions to get them done. Then, get them done.

Then talk about them after the fact. You cannot be stopped if you accomplish something first and talk about it later.

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Intending For It To Happen

No one can stop you if you produce something cool, and then say, “here it is!”

You want success? Then go out there and get it! In other words, intend for it to happen.

This is just as important as following through with your action list: Make your purpose, long-term objective, and actions real to you by visualizing them.

Imagine that your Long-Term Objective has been accomplished in real life. Yes, literally imagine your Long-Term Objective in real life.

Picture it. Look at it. Make it real. Put it right there in front of you.

As an example, if you have a new toy concept, visualize that it is real and on the shelves at your favorite store. What you see is your Long-Term Objective. This is what you will accomplish. There it is: your new toy is sitting on the shelves. This is not an idle experiment. It actually works. It works beyond amazingly well. Do not do this just one time for one second. Do it daily.

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Visualizing Your Future Objective

Spend time visualizing exactly and precisely what you are going to accomplish.

The more real it is in the way you can visual it, the more real it will become—and then it will materialize at some point.

It sounds like magic. Well, to most people, it would be. Some can do this better and easier than others, but everyone can do it following my simple steps.

Those of you who have accomplished important feats know this to be true.

Realize that accomplishing short-term actions to take is the key to achieving your Long-Term Objective.

Though you could imagine that you are a billionaire right now, a better action would be something more attainable in short order.

(The Vision Map™ will be presented in its entirety in this series.)


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