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It’s not a gimmick.

You have 2 choices. — You can continue to grow at a slow pace… Or, you can hack your growth by partnering with a world-renowned podcaster. Remember Collaboration is powerful.

This is not buying bots. This is not using illegal software. In fact, this is extremely ethical. It’s an opportunity to finally add fuel to your fire. Because remember… Your podcast is good. You just need an audience.

This is your opportunity to add thousands, and maybe… Even tens of thousands.

Tony’s system is incredible. It delivers consistently, and with high quality. He brings real, interested parties looking for what you have to offer creating a huge success and engagement rate.Dave Lukas, The Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast

You upload an episode and — you hear crickets…

You finally thought that this was going to be the episode. So much work that you have been putting in. It’s almost to the point of blood, sweat, and tears. So, what’s wrong?

I’ve been working with Tony for over two years. He’s helped us to reach a broader audience. The great thing about Tony is that he always over delivers on promised value.Jeremy Ryan Slate, Create Your Own Life Podcast


Everyone thinks that the “next episode” is going to be the one. This is called the “lottery mindset”. It’s going to be the one that changes your life. You’re going to post it and wake up the next day to… Crickets… You might get one follower, and if you are really lucky you might get 10.

This is brutal… It makes you question yourself. It makes you think that you are doing something wrong. It even — makes you think about giving up…

What’s wrong with this picture?

You start doing everything to succeed. You buy the best gear. You get the latest software. You even pay for help to edit the podcast. At this point, you are confused… You start comparing yourself to the — podcast giants. With so much competition; how can you possibly win?

What do you need to do to make your podcast POPULAR?

It all boils down to 2 very simple factors… You need listeners and subscribers. At this point, you have a few listeners, but you can’t just grow with — the listeners you have.

You need more listeners — WAY MORE LISTENERS….

We have broken 2 million downloads!If you really want to RAWK and Gain Momentum, then run…don’t walk and DO THIS!Barry Shore, The Joy of Living Podcast

Just imagine…


Imagine what would happen to Your Podcast if you could have 10s of 1000s of New Listeners?

The Compound Effect

Imagine what that would do for your social media following?

Your Choice

Imagine droves of guests lining up to be interviewed by you. All without you having to reach out.

Start hacking your growth by partnering with Tony.

Because this is what we can do for you. We give you real-live-followers. Not just 1… Not just 10… But thousands! Tens of thousands!

Who is Tony DUrso?

Tony DUrso started podcasting back in 2015. His first few shows had a mere number of listeners. Like you he struggled to crack the code to become a top podcaster. Today he is one of the top podcasters in the US. He’s the #1 talk show on VoiceAmerica with 25+ Million Listens & 500+ interviews of some of the most successful people in their category, whom Tony calls, “Elite Entrepreneurs.” 

He is a nationally syndicated U.S. radio show host, on Roku as well as all other podcast platforms. He is an Amazon bestseller (Elite Entrepreneurs). So when it comes to growing a following of loyal listeners and subscribers, this guy knows his stuff!

(Proper spelling is D’Urso but as search engines get confused, the [‘] is dropped to make it simpler.)

A tried and true formula to get listeners

When you put out a podcast, no one knows you, and if this is the case — chances are… You are not popular… Yet!

When you start, you are a one-man show. You are the one that sets up, the one that records, and the one that promotes.

It Is extremely difficult to keep up the momentum if you are not seeing — results!

Because of this, you try HARDER! You give it everything you got! You buy courses, listen to webinars, attend seminars and join Facebook groups.

Tony is a master of the airwaves with a powerful show that reaches millions of people. He knows how media, podcasting and radio work better than anyone. Mitch Russo, Your First Thousand Clients

All of this, you do to learn how to bring more traffic to your social media and podcast — and turn your listeners into raving fans.

All of this starts to get old–really fast. You quickly learn that it’s all gimmicks. Every class you take starts sounding like the same advice.

Face it, you’ve spent tons of money and have spun your wheels. How do I know this? Because I have done this too! In fact, I’ve done it all!

I’ve been through what you are going through. In the early years, I tried to learn from what were just “fads”. New courses were coming out left and right and I couldn’t keep up.

I ground my way to the top. At this point, I know what works and — I want to show you the right way… An easier way. With my following, I can write short/punchy posts that will generate organic traffic.

My posts get millions of impressions. So… Imagine all of these impressions being strategically channeled your way. On top of this, I provide you with the exact example of what I am going to post.

It’s time to build Authority everywhere

Unfortunately, in today’s day and age people rely on numbers to make a decision. If people like your podcast enough to visit your social media, they will want to see that you are somewhat popular. This is because again – followers and subscribers do translate into authority… Especially organic ones.

That’s exactly what we provide. REAL Authentic Followers. We channel organic traffic. We send thousands of people your way. Our services also include — helping you grow your Instagram and Twitter followers as well. Because it’s important not just to focus on 1 platform, but grow your presence everywhere…

Want to just grow on a specific platform – NO PROBLEM! We got you covered! On top of all of this… If you have a service, product, webinar, or event that you want to promote to thousands — we have your back, So… Get ready for this great ride, because it’s an exciting one.

Is this the case for you?

Partnering with Tony isn’t cut out for everyone… This service is only offered if you are truly serious about taking your podcasting and social media presence to the next level. It’s NOT made for people who are dabbling or playing around. Because this method works and is extremely effective.Listeners.

We want to help you get RESULTS right away. So… If you are truly serious — we can start opening up the floodgates so that you can start getting 1000’s of people listening to your podcast. P.S Historically, a high percentage becomes listeners.

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