Grow Your Podcast

Grow Your Podcast!

Imagine how you would feel if you had 1000s and 1000s of downloads coming in each week from your podcast? Really. Imagine that? Would that be nice?

Do you have a podcast now, or thinking about starting one?

It isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be for some. It is a LOT of work. It is a LOT of effort. It takes a LOT of training.

No doubt, you have done some training, attended seminars and webinars, and you are still working on it.

I do understand completely, believe me. It’s a lot of work! Most people can’t do it all–the learning curve is too steep. You need help to get ‘er done!

My roots are lead generation and marketing, and I have cut through the chase to get a sizeable audience. I learned from some of the best.

I achieve 20,000+ weekly downloads on my shows. I broadcast each show once a week.

Here is a screen shot of downloads as verified by podtrac.


I will also show a live feed of my stats, just ask.

So, what do I offer?

It’s simple: I will set you up to get massive downloads for your podcast. Really, I will set it up and run it for you.

There are a LOT of moving parts. Plus, I use my extensive social media network to generate a big audience for you.

I will get you 5000 downloads for your podcasts in a month. I am sure I can do that. Best effort. From there, I can grow your numbers further, but let’s start at the 5000 monthly threshold to start. That’s 5000 a month additional on top of what you do now.

I will tell you what I do, I will show you what I do, and then I will do it. And you will see the numbers.


OK, great. Schedule a Meet ‘n Greet chat with me and let’s get you going!

Let’s chat soon!


PS: Here are some other snapshots of my stats.–I will show you a live feed when we chat, just ask!