Getting Others On The Same Page

Part 8 of a Mini Series on Building a Successful Business

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As discussed in the last section, Your Purpose Drives The Long-Term Objective:

You need to make sure your Objective is the result of accomplishing the Purpose.

Make sure they synchronize. All of the actions must work with each other and be apples and apples. Make sure the actions you take, are actions that will accomplish the Objective.

Read it out loud when you are done and ensure yourself that you are complete. Read it over and over. Put it down, come back tomorrow and read it out loud once again with a fresh clear head and fresh eyes. Tweak as needed.

Getting Others On The Same Page

Now that have worked out your Vision, Purpose, Long-Term Objectives and Master Plan, including Strategic and Tactical Plans, your next step is to get others on the same page.

You need to get this information in front of any employee, consultant or outsourced company.

Make a list of everyone possible, and do not be shy about sharing what you want to accomplish with those that really need to know.

Every company you work with, needs to understand what you are intending to accomplish, and they need to be on the same page.

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Disseminating Your Vision Map™

Come up with ways and ideas to get this information in front of all those that need to know.

Some ideas are:

Employee Meetings:

Every time you have an employee meeting, this is a chance to fortify and re-fortify your Vision, Purpose and Objectives. Read out your Vision Map™ at the beginning of every meeting.

Employee Manuals:

However your company documents are organized, see that the Vision, Purpose and Objectives are at the very beginning of any Employee Training, in Manuals and in online Employee Documents.

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More Ideas To Disseminate Your Vision Map™

Employee Break Rooms:

Make a nice looking, and easy to read document of your Vision, Purpose and Objectives.

Post this in your Employee Break Rooms.

Make it a big font because most people are not going to walk up to it every time and read it.

Make it stand out so it is easily visible.

Do not be shy about your Vision, Purpose or Objectives!

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Milestone Achievement Rewards

Work out a reward system for the accomplishment of an Objective or a milestone enroute to that accomplishment.

What do you need to attain in 6 months or a year? What reward can you bestow to your employees for the accomplishment of that reward? Work that out and make it known.

Make it real. Make it attainable. Make it fun. Get the employees rallied behind achieving that objective.

Employees work better in a stress-free environment. How can you make this a fun activity with rewarding and playful challenges? Work that out.

(The Vision Map™ will be presented in its entirety in this series.)


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