EP98. Russell Brunson: Abandon Your Website For Your Business To Survive!

Russell Brunson started and grew companies online for over 13 years. After graduating Boise State University, he sold over one million dollars worth of products in his first year and kept rocking every since. Running a plethora of businesses and interests, he’s one of the top super affiliates in the world!—Now, Russell tells us how you must abandon your website for your business to survive.

Russell Brunson, founder and CEO of ClickFunnels, runs a software company that provides all of the tools and resources, affiliates and business owners need to build and scale their companies online.

In less than 2 years from launch, ClickFunnels grew to over 20,000 users. As CEO, Russell is exposed to over 300,000 sales funnels and more than 150 Million dollars in sales, making him the leading expert in online sales funnels.

His book, DotCom Secrets sold over 80,000 copies, using the same funnels and methods he provides for everyone else.

Russell tells us how you must abandon your website for your business to survive, on this episode of Revenue Chat.

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  • How it all started for Russell Brunson CEO of Click Funnels.
  • Russell started off wrestling at his university.
  • It took him 1 1/2 years to make his very first internet sale for $20. A sale that later refunded.
  • By his senior year in college, Russell Brunson made $250,000 selling content.
  • Within a year of graduating university, Russell Brunson made a million dollars.
  • Russell built a dozen or so businesses in many industries such as weight loss, supplements and neuropathy.
  • He built Click Funnels to over 33,000 active entrepreneurs using it in every market you can think of.
  • The first product Russell sold was a dvd teaching people how to make potato guns.
  • Russell was making great sales until Google Ad Words greatly increased their costs. The sales bubble was burst.
  • Then Russell learned about the OTO—the One Time Offer.
  • In addition to his dvd on how to make potato guns, Russell began selling the actual kit as an upsell.
  • Over 30% of the people that bought the potato gun dvd, would buy the upsell.
  • Insightful quote by Dan Kennedy, “the business that can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins.”
  • Russell took that concept to multiple other businesses, working out products and upsets to those.
  • Russell compares a website to a brochure. It’s static.
  • A sales funnel is like having a sales person take a person through the process.
  • He “sold” over 80,000 copies of his book, dotcom secrets (actually gives it away for free).
  • What is an SLO (self liquidating offer) and why is it so important?
  • Russell shares all his successful funnels with his members.
  • Everyone can use Russell’s successful book, supplements and other funnels. All free with membership.
  • He only tracks a two metrics. Keeps it simple.
  • The sales funnels are kept simple with only 3-5 pages max.
  • The funnel is not necessarily perfect the first time. It takes looking at the numbers and tweaking.
  • All decisions are based on two numbers: cost to get the customer and the average cart value for the customer on the funnel.
  • You make sure the cost to get the customer is less than the cart value and you can scale it.
  • Russel Brunson: Nail it and scale it.
  • They built Click Funnels for themselves when they started.
  • Your conversions are real easy to see in Click Funnels as the tabs are there with your numbers.
  • One of his first mentors used to tell him: “No numbers, no business” Or “Know numbers, Know business.”
  • That’s the key: when you have clarity on your numbers, you can grow your business.
  • Your cost of acquisition and sales numbers are right there in click funnels. It’s easy to know right away where your business is at.
  • Russell’s purpose. What drives him. This fires him up every morning.
  • Russell talks about one of his success stories: one of his customers in the weight loss industry.
  • Lady Boss Weight Loss gets 500 women a day signing up for their program.
  • The ripple affect is huge. Russel helps the entrepreneur who helps the consumers. This is 10s of 1000s if not 100s of 1000s of people helped.
  • The theme of their event this year is you are one funnel away from that transformation you’re looking for.
  • At Russell’s last event, he got vulnerable and told all his failure stories. Almost bankrupt 3 times.
  • Each time near bankruptcy, it was one funnel that transformed his business for him.
  • Got a dead end job you hate? A funnel will free you.
  • Russell tells another success story of someone who kept at it until he hit it big, and he did: $20 million in two months.
  • You can build a funnel a week, even each day if you want using the easy system in Click Funnels.
  • Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. Keep at it and one of them will hit.


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Russell Brunson provides a breathtaking tour of behind the scenes on how to really do online sales using funnels to generate large revenue streams. If you have anything to do with sales, marketing or the Internet, this is a must listen!

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