EP96. Debra Ruh: Tapping into Hidden Human Capital

When told by “experts” that her daughter, Sara, who was born with Down Syndrome, would be lucky to push shopping carts at the local grocery store, Debra Ruh refused to accept this. When she told friends and family that she was going to start a for profit organization that would help companies see the worth and potential in hiring disabled employees, she was met with skepticism. Well, she did it and built a multi-million-dollar firm called Ruh Global Communications and shows us to how to tap into hidden human capital.

Debra Ruh, founder of Ruh Global Communications, a Strategic Communications & Digital Marketing firm, helps organizations strategically include People with Disabilities (PwD) who are often forgotten in marketing and communication outreach plans. She helps private and public organizations easily navigate the legal maze and confusing messages about the PwD community.

She proudly works with governments to implement the UN Convention of Rights for People with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

Debra shows us to how to tap into hidden human capital, on this episode of Revenue Chat.

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  • How it all started for Debra Ruh of Ruh Global
    Communications at ruhglobal.com
  • About Debra’s first company that had 80% employees with disabilities.
  • How can all people including persons with disabilities add value to society?
  • Amazing stories about people with disabilities that have made superior accomplishments.
  • Most people with disabilities want to be taxpayers and do normal jobs, and can add value to businesses.
  • How technology plays a role in allowing people with disabilities to participate in societal functions.
  • Captioning was created for people with disabilities and now everyone uses it.
  • Cool things that help those with disabilities such as smart cities, artificial intelligence and robotics.
  • Driverless cars would be amazing for her 29 year old daughter with Down Syndrome, but also for the older generation too.
  • Talking about how technology will complement society all around, not just those with disabilities.
  • Her Chief Access Officer can only blink, cannot use her hands, but through technology she is a poet, an author, an engineer and tester.
  • Debra’s show is Human Potential At Work and interviewed her Chief Access Officer who answered through a communications device.
  • Debra’s daughter Sarah has Down Syndrome and is an internationally renown motivational and keynote speaker.
  • Debra: The more money we can make, the more people we can help in the world.
  • Why does society think some people are less valuable than others?
  • The political issues and too much fear-based decisions made her go on a diet from the media.
  • How to deal with all the bad news and distractions in the world and media.
  • How can we use our social media for greater good?
  • There’s 43 million slaves in the world today. How can that happen?
  • Anecdote on a statement by Richard Dawkins against people with Down Syndrome that blew up in his face.
  • Debra is a brand influencer. Great discussion on branding via social media.
  • Great discussion on brands such as Barclay’s Bank, Disneyland, AT&T, Comcast and Microsoft.
  • Debra is a Huffington Post blogger and also runs a Tweet Chat every Tuesday at 3pm Eastern.
  • What motivates and drives Debra Ruh?
  • Check out Debra’s show Human Potential At Work at ruhglobal.com


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Debra Ruh rocks on tapping into hidden human capital. She tells it like it is and changes your mind about people with disabilities. The conversation not only covers disabilities, but marketing, technology, branding and other cool stuff. She’s a genius!

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