EP95. Hawk Mikado: Avoiding The 3 Major Challenges Businesses Face

Bestselling author Hawk Mikado is the leading expert in online to offline marketing and sales systems. He built over 7 profitable businesses in the six and seven figures and dedicates his time to helping companies increase revenues and employees focusing on their passion.–Hawk tells us how to avoid the 3 major challenges businesses face.

Hawk Mikado - Avoiding The 3 Major Challenges Businesses Face

Hawk Mikado is a bestselling author and a leading expert in online to offline marketing and sales systems. He created a powerful 6 step process to Maximize your Impact, Target your Niche, Share your Vision, Engage your Prospects, Collaborate and Recommend the Best fit, and Deliver Transformational results to your clients. Since 1999, he’s co-founded 7 profitable businesses.

An entrepreneur, adventurer and family man who has fun every day fueled by his passion for starting businesses and creating marketing strategies, he is the creator of the ACT of doing business blueprint.

Hawk tells us how to avoid the 3 major challenges businesses face, on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • How it all started for Hawk Mikado online/offline marketing expert at invertinc.com
  • It all started out in 2nd grade with dried mango and origami paper balloons for Hawk Mikado!
  • By his 6th grade, Hawk was making more income than his parents!
  • Hawk’s number one major challenges that businesses face and how to avoid them.
  • The willingness to delegate tasks is one of the most difficult to do and why.
  • The first person you should hire as a business owner and it’s not what you would think!
  • Hawk doesn’t get emails on his phone nor has voice mail. The extra production that gives him is enormous.
  • Scheduling his life and having rules establishes sanity and increases business production.
  • “We train the people in our life” a quote from one of Hawk’s friends. This applies to clients, friends, family, etc.
  • Don’t let yourself be taken over by other people’s agendas. Wise.
  • Hawk’s 2nd major challenge that businesses face.
  • Online systems are designed to expedite and generate income faster once you are already generating income.
  • The best way to generate income: Build relationships, use the phone, meet with people in person and ask for the sale.
  • Once you know how you sell, and how customers buy, then you can take it online.
  • Learn how to sell your products and services offline first, and then take it online to speed it up.
  • Hawk’s 3rd major challenge that businesses face.
  • The ability to hire and fire people quickly and have the right internal systems is a big challenge to grow your company.
  • A company can only grow as fast as the employees make it grow.
  • Great leadership style by Hawk. Dig into this. Very wise.
  • The #1 way that a business can increase profits and decrease risk.
  • Hawk: Very important to have several mentors who help you facilitate your company’s growth.
  • If you have a specific goal, find someone who’s done it and have them help you, even if it costs you upfront.
  • About Hawk’s ACT of doing business blueprint – the 3 key areas of attracting customers, collaborating and transforming business.
  • Hawk does a very in-depth process with clients that come in for strategy and implementation.
  • The ACT of doing business blueprint can be accessed at invertinc.com/blueprint
  • The ACT blueprint has produced over $2million for Hawk’s company and clients. Check it out at invertinc.com/blueprint
  • Hawk’s main strategies in running his business: impact, niche, vision, engagement, collaboration & transformation.
  • Discussion about Hawk’s future new book: The ACT of Doing Business. Stay tuned for release info.
  • Great advice on how to break through your income level. Funnelmagazine.com has great resources.
  • About Hawk’s vision and what drives him. Check it out!

Hawk Mikado is a wise sage when it comes to building and growing a business. This interview is packed with experiential knowledge. Make sure you check out the ACT of doing business blueprint as well at invertinc.com/blueprint. Pure genius!


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