EP94. Leslie Pappas: Cashing In Tax Free

According to Leslie Pappas, author of the book Cashing In Tax Free, real estate investors can make one decision that creates more profits in selling their property AND creates a Tax Free Retirement Cash Flow. She educates Accredited Investors how to grow a new and diversified portfolio using alternative Real Estate Investment.–Leslie tells us how to cash in tax free!

Leslie Pappas who knows a hidden secret where one decision can sell your property for maximum profit.

She says Donald Trump uses it to make millions, and Hilton Hotel sold the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, tax free using this information.

Leslie is the founder of Archer Investment Advisors who assists their investors in buying and selling investment properties of all sizes. She is cited on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and the Wall Street Journal.

Leslie shows us how to cash in tax free, on this episode of Revenue Chat.

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  • How it all started for Leslie Pappas author and investment advisor at archerinvestors.com
  • What is a 1031 exchange and how does it benefit real estate investors?
  • Capital gains taxes are high everyone in the country. California is the highest around 30-40%.
  • A 1031 is an IRS procedure that has been around since the 1920s and is used for investment properties.
  • You can defer capital gains taxes, using the 1031 exchange your entire life and never pay taxes by following this IRS procedure.
  • When you sell an investment property, in addition to using this specific IRS procedure, you have 180 days to purchase another property to be tax free.
  • Whatever cash you take out of the sale, you pay taxes on only that. The rest flows through the exchange and is tax free if you follow this procedure.
  • What is a Delaware Statutory Trust and how does that benefit investors?
  • A Delaware Statutory Trust has nothing to do with investing in the state of Delaware.
  • A Delaware Statutory Trust are what is known as syndicated real estate.
  • A syndicate is a group of investors that get together for the purposes of buying a property in this case.
  • A Delaware Statutory Trust is a pooling of the assets of different people (security) in order to purchase a property.
  • A good definition and explanation of an accredited investor is given by Leslie Pappas.
  • Leslie discusses institutional grade investments, what that means and what they are.
  • One can invest as little as 100k and join in these huge institutional grade investments, providing qualification.
  • Leslie delves deep into the strategy of what to do with the sale of your property and buying other types of properties, while being tax free.
  • You can diversify and own pieces of investment properties such as multi-family homes, office property and retail or shopping centers.
  • Diversifying in portfolios of properties is quite popular today.
  • Portfolios can include well known chain stores as well known as triple net properties.
  • Triple net properties can provide pretty good certainty of cash flow if you diversify your holdings.
  • Your investment properties are managed by an asset management firm who operates the properties as if they are the owner.
  • The Delaware Statutory Trust is an approved 1031 exchange alternative (since 2004).
  • The IRS guidelines made it possible for accredited investors to invest in large properties.
  • Leslie Pappas discusses details and strategy in estate planning.
  • The thrust of this planning is to generate cash flow every year that is largely protected from any income tax.
  • What is the purpose and drive of Leslie Pappas? What keeps her keeping on?
  • Straight shooter and brutally honest Leslie Pappas tells it like it is to help you make the right choices and decisions.
  • Leslie Pappas new Amazon bestselling book Cashing In Tax Free. Learn more at archerinvestors.com.

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Leslie Pappas gives a very simple and detailed understanding of how to invest in properties and never pay taxes for life. This is estate planning 101 for anyone even remotely thinking about investing in properties by themselves, or through portfolios. This and everything else is well explained in this very intelligent interview. Get a copy of Leslie’s book Cashing In Tax Free or learn more at archerinvestors.com.

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