EP93. Kory Livingstone: Unlocking The Gates To Unlimited Success

A musician who began thinking outside the box, Kory Livingstone became a successful author and keynote speaker. Blending his music with inspirational and insightful content, Kory found he could seriously assist people to make their dreams come true and shows us how to unlock the gates to unlimited success!

Kory Livingstone - Unlocking The Gates To Unlimited Success

Kory Livingstone, a Toronto born pianist says, “Start working on your dream now. There is never a better time than now.”

Mentored by Ray Carrol of the Platters, he released 6 albums under the label Crestant Records with much more to come. But that was not enough. He began giving inspirational public speaking and fell in love with helping others.

With clients such as Campbell Soup Company, Singapore Airlines, and Marriott Hotel among many others, the author of the popular book, Quiet Determination, finds a much more rewarding and fulfilling life following his passion of music and helping others.

Kory shows us how to unlock the gates to unlimited success, on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • How it all started for Kory Livingstone, successful musician, author, teacher, keynote speaker and entrepreneur at korylivingstone.com
  • Kory: Business is the route of everything.
  • About Kory’s book Quiet Determination and how that helps us to accomplish what we really want in life.
  • To be successful, you have to have the mindset!
  • The foundation of success: Sustained accountability.
  • The more successful you become, the busier you become, so you really have to know how to organize your time.
  • Am I good enough? That chapter addresses the fears people have about becoming successful.
  • Delayed gratification: success doesn’t come right away.
  • Giving yourself permission to learn: you have to learn to leave your ego aside and be coachable.
  • Creativity: You need to be creative in order to be successful.
  • Every business has problems. This is how you solve them.
  • Deliberate practice: working toward your goal in a predefined method.
  • Discussion on the problem with having too many goals.
  • You can’t do everything yourself…discussing how to deal with that.
  • You can get Quiet Determination from Amazon, but Kory will send you an autographed copy if you email him! Reach him at korylivingstone.com
  • Kory talks about the letter that changed his life, addressing his Quiet Determination.
  • Anecdote about New York Time Bestseller, Robert Allen who said everybody has a book in them, and guided Kory on his book.
  • Talking about the biggest fear people have when it comes to making decisions about their future.
  • Discussion on how we go into self-sabotage. Why and how to deal with it?
  • You must listen to this if you have unfinished dreams! Kory really tells it like it is!
  • How preconceptions with false information stands in the way of accomplishing our dreams. A great story by Kory!
  • A great story and definition of being brave and courage. You do this despite your fear.
  • Kory tells it like it is! The real reason we are put on this earth! Love it.
  • The action of helping others and how much of it we have in ourselves. There’s no limit.
  • What’s a talent whisperer? Kory lays it out nicely.
  • Research shows training can change our productivity by 22% per Kory.
  • Add coaching and the results of productivity increase by up to 80%!
  • Coaches help you clarify, they help you achieve and they help reinforce your challenging goals.
  • Everyone has success in them—the coach helps bring that out.
  • We live in a society where we want everything done for us. Kory gives excellent insight on this.
  • Deep insight into the shortening attention span, technology and being entitled. Kory really lays it out!
  • Tom Landry, Dallas Cowboy Coach (17 championship seasons) “I make grown men do what they don’t want to do in order that they can become what they always wanted to be.”
  • You can open up an app and order a book, but even if you read it, it doesn’t mean anything gets done until you “do it.”
  • How many seminars, self-help books, how many conferences learned something, got enthused, but that was all that happened?
  • Kory brilliantly goes over how getting things done for you will not equate to you being successful.
  • The magic word is applying, and not having the information go in one ear and out the other.
  • There’s no magic bullet. You have to put in the time and do the work and get it done in order to have it done and be successful.
  • The meaning of the statement, “there’s no wine before it’s time.”
  • About dealing with negativity and naysayers, including friends and family.
  • About SNIOPing. Susceptibility to the Negative Influence of Other People. And how to deal with them.
  • Listing out the positive and negative influences in your life. Make the list and sort them out.
  • How to take a negative comment and make it positive. A very interesting approach by Kory!
  • Kory’s purpose and what drives him. Very uplifting! Try this!
  • You make a difference in this world by one person at a time!
  • Write Kory at Kory@KoryLivinstone.com and get a free audio copy of his book Quiet Determination! This is great!

Kory Livingstone is nothing short of brilliant on how to motivate people: why some people get stuff done and become successful, and why others don’t. This is one of the best interviews ever on this subject! If there was only one interview to listen to in your life, this one has it all! I love it! Make sure you get your Autographed copy by emailing Kory or a free audio of his book Quiet Determination at KoryLivingstone.com or Kory@korylivingstone.com


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