EP91. Amanda Goldman-Petri: Market Like A Nerd!

Amanda Goldman-Petri declares war on the term “hustle.” She is the go-to international “work smarter, not harder” marketing coach for online entrepreneurs who want to create a sustainable business. Working smarter, not harder gives you more money and more freedom.–Amanda tells us how to market like a nerd!

Amanda Goldman-Petri - Market Like A Nerd!

Amanda Goldman-Petri an internationally renowned online marketing coach, speaker and expert says you can make more money, and get more freedom through her “work smarter, not harder” methods.

After overcoming a myriad of child and teenage issues such as poverty, abuse and near death, she persevered and went on to create an amazing empire. She is featured on all the major media outlets such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and others.

Amanda to tell us how to market like a nerd on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • How it all started for Amanda Goldman-Petri (AGP) who markets like a nerd at MarketLikeANerd.com
  • Hustle-free marketing is what AGP (Amanda Goldman-Petri) is all about.
  • Amanda specializes in teaching people how to make more money with less effort.
  • We are taught as kids that we have to work hard; that we have to hustle and that is all wrong per Amanda.
  • How it took a near-death accident to make Amanda realize she really wasn’t successful because she wasn’t happy.
  • In a search for something to make her happy, Amanda landed on marketing.
  • “How can I make money and enjoy the process at the same time?” is the question that brought Amanda to her current path.
  • Favorite quote, “What’s possible has been done, what’s impossible must be done.”
  • The biggest mistake Amanda sees Entrepreneurs make that hold them back from being able to see success without the sacrifice.
  • Some entrepreneurs are so overwhelmed that they don’t know what action to take next.
  • Amanda rattles off a long list of actions that coaches tell entrepreneurs they should take, but which wind up confusing or overwhelming.
  • Actions entrepreneurs should take above all others.
  • Amanda shows an easier way for entrepreneurs to focus on what is needed at their stage in their business growth.
  • She has business broken into four key stages of growth and one item to do per stage to move on to the next one.
  • Stage One: In debt. Pre-revenue.
  • How she went from top of the world making all the money she ever wanted, down to no money and in debt in almost an instant.
  • AGP learned it’s not just being able to make money, you have to learn how to manage it.
  • Stage Two: You just started earning revenue, such as $5000-$10,000 a month (new business owner).
  • Stage Two: Still a struggle month to month. Cash flow not consistent. Feast or famine.
  • Stage Three: Revenue is consistent, but you are working really hard for it (like a burnt out business owner).
  • Stage Three: You really want to make more money with less effort.
  • Stage Four: The balanced entrepreneur. You’re making good, consistent money. It’s reliable and guaranteed, and takes less effort.
  • Stage One: In debt. You should focus on managing your money and not spending money to do this and that.
  • Stage One main focus: get out of debt. Create a debt payoff plan. Forget everything else.
  • Stage Two main focus: Focus on making quick easy money to get cash flow. Forget list building and all that other stuff that requires money and lots of time.
  • Stage Two main focus: get on the phone and sell high ticket items that have a recurring commitment.
  • Stage Two main focus: do what it takes to get consistent cash flow in the door and phone sales is fastest way to do that.
  • Stage Three main focus: How can you make more money with less effort? Automation, leveraged offers and systems/delegation.
  • Stage Four main focus: Enjoy your life!
  • The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is focusing on the wrong action steps for their stage of business.
  • By laser focus on your step, you reduce the hustle to grow your business to the next stage.
  • At Stage Three you must ditch the hustle!
  • How can marketing coaches for all levels of business, get better results for their clients?
  • A great way to raise your prices: validate that you are worth what you are charging! (Because you get the results your clients want.)
  • Amanda gives a list of client successes one after the other. You must listen to this. Mind blowing.
  • Amanda has great success with “less is more” as it prevents overwhelm and gives clients what they really need.
  • AGP successfully runs cash injection campaigns with all new clients to help them earn quick money asap. Get a quick win.
  • What motivates and drives Amanda Goldman-Petri: One word: Happiness.
  • Join Amanda Goldman-Petri on her Facebook Group: The Balanced Entrepreneur. Come geek out with her! marketlikeanerd.com/invite

Amanda Goldman-Petri provides a highly exuberant interview of the most amazing and simplest advice I have heard yet: Four stages to focus on for business growth. This is a Must Listen! She’s Beyond Brilliant! I adore this interview!


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