EP90. Jim Sweeney: The Making of MIKE

As creator of the Trademarked MIKE cartoon sports character, Jim Sweeney crafted his digital innovation to become the first universal animated brand in sports. Enjoying an incredible start in digital media he published 40 MIKE Sports Comic Books and penned over 900 blogs. Jim tells us how he grew his empire with the making of […]

Jim Sweeney - The Making of MIKE

Jim Sweeney created an animated sports character called MIKE, a digital innovation, which is the first universally animated brand in sports. He’s a masters athlete and serves as Head of USA for FIMBA which runs the masters basketball tournaments around the world.

Utilizing his lifetime experience in sports and business, he brought the MIKE cartoon sports character to life and developed MIKE into a sports and cultural icon.

Jim tells us how he grew his empire with the making of MIKE on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • How it all started for Jim Sweeney who is the creator of MIKE at theemike.com
  • Who is MIKE – The ultimate talking head on sports – (visual description)
  • How MIKE was birthed (Jim’s alter ego).
  • You can read and hear MIKE at theemike.com
  • Jim has published over 900 blogs and 40 sports comics so far.
  • MIKE gets carried away, acts nutty and talks funny stuff about sports.
  • MIKE is a tinny sounding titanium microphone.
  • An earlier proposal was to have Charles Barclay as the voice of MIKE.
  • Discussion on ideas and venues where MIKE can go wild.
  • Several audio clips of MIKE introduced here and there in the interview with Jim Sweeney.
  • MIKE: The first animated brand to transcend all sports.
  • MIKE: clever, witty, fun, levity, and does things that’s outside the box for all sports, not just one.
  • Discussion on MIKE: can he bring back more enthusiasm to any sports games where interest has waned?
  • MIKE is a multimedia character.
  • Launching: a Chicago sports icons book on Oct 14, a day of infamy in sports by the Steve Bartman incident.
  • Discussion of many Chicago famous sports figures Ernie Banks, Michael Jordan, Walter Peyton, Mike Diktka, Wrigley Field, Soldier Field, and more.
  • A little chat on the revenue side of MIKE. Clever.
  • Mention on Ernie Banks 500th homer that I saw live.
  • Blogs, contents, ebooks, speaking, how it all adds up to good revenue that gives them the lifestyle to create and travel.
  • Great purpose by Jim Sweeney, creator of MIKE, who wants to make a positive impact on culture from his content.
  • About the 2Cent Tuesday Blog.

Jim Sweeney and MIKE provide a lively interview full of insights and advice on a clever way to generate revenue and live a lifestyle of creating products that he controls. There are a few audio clips of MIKE—Must Listen! (More at theemike.com) He’s a crack-up! If you are into sports now, or ever liked any before, you will find you can relate to what Jim accomplished. Love it!


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