EP88. Tim Wesley: Marketing: Everything You’ve Learned is Wrong!

Tim Wesley, CEO of TWFICS Strategic Marketing, boasts a dynamic and proven business growth system that gives entrepreneurs and business owners alike, the ability to cut through all the hype and grow their business. He shows business owners how to out-think, out-market and out-sell their competition. He created a proven process that helps any business […]

Tim Wesley - Marketing: Everything You've Learned is Wrong!

Tim Wesley teaches why everything you’ve learned about marketing is wrong and consistently takes businesses to the next level. Starting off in the health, wellness and fitness industries, he successfully transformed distressed facilities while taking successful clubs to the next level.

Tim’s system is a unique step-by-step roadmap that makes the phone ring, brings prospects to your website and successfully markets your business, including startups.

Tim tells us about marketing and why everything you’ve learned is wrong, on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • How it all started for TimWesley of DeepEquity.net who started in health clubs.
  • Tim learned marketing basics in the wellness industry and found out marketing is marketing and works for any business.
  • Tim can find $10,000 in companies just by tweaking their marketing. He can do this for any business in about 45 minutes.
  • Tim offers an extensive business marketing site full of information in bite size pieces, that took 20 years of experience and test marketing.
  • It’s a step by step program that anyone can do by themselves and learning business and marketing from the bottom up.
  • Tim discusses what is a market dominating position. It’s what makes you different from similar businesses.
  • What about strategic and tactical marketing? Does that need to be tweaked?
  • Wrong tactical marketing: throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks. Big brand companies do this.
  • Tim says smaller businesses are best served in doing strategic marketing.
  • What is strategic marketing? Tim defines this nicely.
  • Tactical marketing is the execution of the strategic marketing, where you place ads and so forth.
  • About the IEEO format (also known as conversion equation).
  • People are bombarded with ads and messages. How to get someone’s attention in a millisecond, using the Interrupt Method.
  • How to Engage someone and bring them into your offer.
  • The Education of the prospect to back up your claims.
  • Now you’re ready to give the prospect the little/no-risk Offer.
  • Tim teaches the IEEO format as one of the first steps in his marketing classes.
  • Tim discusses Friction: low and high threshold marketing.
  • Tim says about 3% of the people are buyers. Call Now. Buy Now. They respond. They were looking for it.
  • 6-7% are open to the item but haven’t bought yet.
  • 30% were engaged but are thinking about it. This leaves some 60% on the table that you are missing out on.
  • Educational material is used at this point to bring more people into the process.
  • All of this discussion so far is the buyer’s journey. Relationship building.
  • What people conceive as marketing, what they learned as marketing, but needs re-tweaking.
  • A little story about Educational Engagement and the mistake people make on marketing.
  • How social media marketing fits with the market dominating position.
  • DeepEquity.net is the site that goes into the step-by-step do-it-yourself guided program to learn marketing process discussed in this interview.
  • You fill out a roadmap of where you honestly are in your business and your knowledge, and the DeepEquity.net system gives you the information you need next to grow.
  • What motivates and drives Tim Wesley of DeepEquity.net. Cool stuff here.
  • Tim is putting together his next book and wants to find $10,000+ in 45 minutes in your business at no charge! Use the contact page at DeepEquity.net

Tim Wesley of DeepEquity.net has such exuberance, confidence and enthusiasm for marketing, that it shines right through this interview. He really walks the walk and talks the talk on marketing done the right way. Make sure to request “Put Me To The Test” (home page). Brilliant stuff.


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