EP87. Getting Money To Come To You by Tony DUrso

Susan King interviewed me live on KPFZ 88.1 FM, California Lake County Community Radio. We got into things deep and heavy, discussing building a business without any money, the importance of goals and purposes, how to get money to come to you, insight on how the universe works with flows, what’s the first thing people […]

Tony DUrso - Getting Money To Come To You

This interview with Susan King was live on FM radio. Here it is for my Revenue Crew Audience to hear and get valuable lessons on how to get money to come to you, among other awesome insights! Enjoy!


  • Deep talk and insight on goals, purpose, strategy, tactical and really sorting this out.
  • Deep talk on rebuilding and achieving success even if you don’t have a penny.
  • Deep talk on purpose, what it is and what it means.
  • Deep insight into me and my life, and talk on the spiral of being grateful.
  • Talk about Bob Lancer and The Method. Being happy to pay bills! Really cool insight on changing your mindset on money (Revenue Chat EP35).
  • Talk about the flow in this universe and what happens when you acknowledge it. And how that relates to having money.
  • A nice chat about my passion and personal journey in raising awareness.
  • We talk about the creation of money as discussed with Millen Livis (Revenue Chat EP58). Check out the million dollar note that became a reality!
  • How I got my first Mercedes. I am positive you won’t believe it!
  • How we work and tuning forks. Great insight to generating a lot of interest and getting sales!
  • How I raised $3.25 million dollars in 6 months without ever asking anybody to buy anything!
  • How to start a business without a dime.
  • How to maneuver into a business while keeping your day job.
  • Good chat on the Big Bang Theory: First there was Nothing, and then it Exploded! But, I discuss the ONE thing that actually follows this formula. You’ll love it!
  • Is there a Creator? What’s the bigger picture? Passion, purpose, the love of what you want to do, gratitude, and how that affects income.
  • They most key factor above all about money. And what’s the first thing everybody does with their money.
  • Stop doing what you and most people do, and start doing this one simple action now to raise your income!
  • An interesting discussion on people who self-sabotage their business.
  • What to look for in every single personal catastrophe. This one item is always there. 100% guaranteed.
  • Good discussion on helping others and giving back. And helping people get that “Aha! moment.”
  • Amazing insight into the Creator and how everyone is equal!

There is a lot of good stuff in this interview. Hope it helps you in your life, business and career!

I’ll see you on the other side of success!


To Our Audience

Thanks again! It’s our honor to have you listen! Click here for the full list of shows by Tony.

Remember: Just Take Action. Success awaits those who persevere and remain steadfast despite the odds. - Sew good seeds, do good deeds and join me on the next episode of The Tony DUrso show.

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