EP86. Kay Sanders: How To Grow Your Business Online

Kay Sanders—The Jump Start Coach, nationally recognized Business Coach, a Personal Development Coach, Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, and founder of Leaders of Mastery, draws from her own experiences and struggles in life and business to inspire others. She tells us how to jump start and grow your business online.

Kay Sanders - How To Grow Your Business Online

The Jump Start Coach, Kay Sanders’ passion for personal development and success helps her guide her clients to personal mastery.

She specializes in helping coaches, consultants, and other service professionals, grow their business with the right systems and strategies to put their sales and lead generation on autopilot so they can turn their passion into a profitable and successful business. This includes online marketing, lead generation, customer acquisition and business management strategies.

Kay helps them not only make sense of all the different tools, strategies and resources that are available, but also helps them choose and implement the right strategies for their business needs. She is also featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and other media outlets.

Kay tells us how to jump start and grow your business online, on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • How it all started for Kay Sanders of KaySanders.com who fell in love with business coaching a few years ago.
  • Kay’s passion is to help clients with sales and get their lead generation on autopilot.
  • Kay reveals the best way to grow your business online.
  • Kay’s 3 strategies that work the best: virtual summits, webinars and lead magnets.
  • She sees so many entrepreneurs not focus on list building which should be their key action.
  • Lead Magnets: This is those free optin offers you see everywhere on line. You give value and you get the contact info.
  • Once you have the contact info, you can offer something to further build your relationship, such as an ebook.
  • Webinars: This builds the know, like and trust factor and helps reach a lot of people. But you must provide a lot of value.
  • Your webinar can be pre-recorded also (evergreen).
  • Virtual Summit: this is like a podcast over a period of time, like a few days. You bring on experts that help you promote it who give value.
  • Virtual Summit: gives you massive exposure. The attendees get a lot of benefits from this so it’s win-win all around.
  • Lead Magnets: Some good services are Click Funnels and Lead Pages. Kay uses the plugin InstaBuilder.
  • A separate landing page is better for a lead magnet.
  • It takes about 6 months from start to finish to create a good Virtual Summit.
  • The post-summit phase is where you connect and see about joint ventures, collaboration and so forth.
  • The post-summit phase is where you work to convert listeners to paying customers.
  • Kay offers a free blueprint that gives you step by step on how to plan and create a Virtual Summit. Get it at summitblueprint.com
  • Webinars are much easier than doing Virtual Summits. You can use Google Hangouts, Webinar Jam, Evergreen or EverWebinar.
  • You must have a registration page for a webinar to be effective.
  • Kay tells us her experience on webinars and says you can also use TeleConference.
  • Kay’s goal is to help entrepreneurs become massive successes and she loves to share intel.
  • Key gives deep info on implementing these strategies and tells why they are so important.
  • Kay Sanders is offering a free consultation and free help and offers to create a custom business success plan for you. Go to KaySanders.com or email her at kay@kaysanders.com
  • Do you want to fast track to success, take out the time and speed it up? Use Kay Sanders to help you get on the fast road to success.
  • Find out about Kay’s purpose and vision, what drives and motivates her. Cool stuff.
  • Kay is really big on finding mentors to help her break through any business barriers.
  • Kay Sanders: Believe that you can achieve great things and you really will!

Kay Sanders gives such an enthusiastic interview on three (3) ways to jump start and grow your business online. Absolutely brilliant and intense! If you follow these simple principles you will surely rock your business and put it on autopilot as they are that powerful. Make sure you take advantage of Kay’s free blueprint on how to plan a Virtual Summit at SummitBlueprint.com. You can bet I will be doing the same!


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