EP85. Demi Karpouzos: 3 Simple Steps to Build a Profitable Business

Demi Karpouzos is a business mentor, published author and tell-all speaker. She works with entrepreneurs who want nothing more than a full client roster, a spacious schedule, and a cushy bank account—but they consistently let fears, doubts and insecurities stop them from putting themselves in the spotlight and making that money.–Demi shows us 3 Simple […]

Demi Karpouzos - 3 Simple Steps to Build a Profitable Business

Founder of StrategicalCoaching.com, Demi left a 6 figure income job to pursue her desire to become a business owner. After a lot of struggle and frustration, she realized that to build a successful business, all it takes is 3 simple steps.

Demi and her work are featured on DailyWorth, Advisor.ca, YahooNews! SNDI, CNN, NBC, ABC News, Fortune, and CBS. She helps entrepreneurs and small business owners get more clients by building their audience and sharing their message.

Demi shows us 3 Simple Steps to Build a Profitable Business, on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • 03:32 How it all started for Demi Karpouzos of igotafreegift.com
  • 04:51 By being successful, Demi got the attention of people at networking events and the online community who wanted to know how she did it.
  • 05:04 Demi soon found she really enjoyed strategizing and helping others map out a plan.
  • 5:21 What made Demi leave a cushy 6-digit job to pursue her own
    career? You’ll be surprised to know this answer.
  • 08:11 What are the 3 steps to building a profitable business?
  • 08:31 First Step: Managing your mindset or forming the habit. Explained in detail by Demi.
  • 09:05 Second Step: Building an audience. And there are tons of ways to do that per Demi.
  • 09:35 Third Step: Learn how to cultivate a relationship with your audience to build rapport and desire to position yourself as the go-to person, says Demi.
  • 10:17 Details on how to manage your mindset. Feeding your brain. 1st step.
  • 11:48 Details on building your audience. 2nd step. This is pure gold stuff!
  • 13:08 Details on marketing. 3rd step. This is huge!
  • 15:01 Mindset: Once your purpose and goal is all laid out then this makes it much easier to stay motivated.
  • 17:10 Building that list: If you have a small list, Demi can help put that on steroids and help you get a big mailing list igotafreegift.com
  • 17:49 How to do virtual summits: list building on steroids.
  • 23:10 It took Demi years to build her amazing business. A lot of trial and error and hardships. And now, a 400,000 mailing list!
  • 24:00 Further details on Marketing Step 3. You have to cultivate and build. Great advice.
  • 27:14 What Demi sees as the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make.
  • 28:14 Putting the “social” back into social media.
  • 28:52 Advice from Demi for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs. Both sides of the spectrum.
  • 32:11 It’s not just a matter of keep putting stuff in front of your audience, you have to be consistent with your messaging and it becomes easier when you know what you stand for.
  • 32:57 People are attracted by confidence. It’s a big draw.
  • 33:21 What motivates and drives Demi Karpouzos at igotafreegift.com. Her purpose and vision.
  • 35:35 Take the quiz and get answers where you are at in your business, what you should be focusing on and exact things to do right away igotafreegift.com

Demi Karpouzos gives us three steps, three powerful steps to building a profitable business. The detail, insight and advice on this is intense. Demi gives back to the community and wants to help everyone from just starting to seasoned entrepreneurs. Take the quiz and get answers where you are at in your business, what you should be focusing on and exact things to do right away at igotafreegift.com. I love this interview (some good laughs too) and will be asking Demi to return again.


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