EP81. Jo Trizila: The Power of Public Relations

Jo Trizila is the president of TrizCom Public Relations, a Dallas, Texas-based firm specializing in media outreach and mass communications. The firm was recognized three consecutive years as one of the top-20 public relations firms in North Texas, and won several prestigious awards including the coveted Pegasus Award, given by the Public Relations Society of America. Jo tells us how businesses and brands benefit from the power of public relations and media outreach campaigns.

Jo says, “We get businesses in the news…or keep them out of it.” She is multi-talented, high-caliber public and media relations marketing pro, with over 20 years of experience building and leading integrated and strategic public relations operations for a vast array of companies. She has an in-depth background in crisis communications, publicity, expert positioning, promotions, influencer marketing, investor relations and legislative affairs for Fortune 500 corporations, small to mid-size companies and not-for-profits/nonprofits.

Jo places client stories in thousands of outlets both in and out of the U.S. such as ABC Nightly News, CNN, NBC, USA Today and The New York Times to mention only a scant few.

She also founded Pitch PR to assist startups and entrepreneurs with their public relations needs. TrizCom PR, one of the largest PR firms in Dallas, was awarded the Pegasus Award in 2015, named one of the top PR firms in 2015 by Clutch Research and Review and is a certified woman-owned business.

Jo tells us how businesses and brands benefit from the power of public relations and media outreach campaigns, on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • 04:17 How it all started for Jo Trizila, President of TrizCom Publication Relations at trizcom.com
  • 05:06 Jo fell in love working with journalists and putting stories together.
  • 06:55 What public relations really is? It’s all about communicating with your key audiences.
  • 08:11 The difference between a story in the New York Times or buying an ad in it.
  • 08:54 A famous anecdote from Will Rogers over 100 years ago about the media.
  • 09:35 The JD Powers Effect between an advertisement and a story.
  • 10:00 The difference between a regular press release and one that is strategic, and why.
  • 12:21 Now the tactics come into play: how are you going to achieve that?
  • 14:14 It’s about identifying the stories that you are target audience will read or watch.
  • 15:00 Some things we might not know in dealing with the media.
  • 16:13 Imagine an editor getting 800 emails a day! How does your story ever get picked up?
  • 20:00 Jo says nothing is ever off the record and why. Remember that.
  • 21:52 About crisis communications. Things can happen. How about a plan for it as it’s not “if,” it’s “when.”
  • 24:05 Today, many crisis events are broken on line.
  • 25:49 Preparation will either make you, or break you. Who’s going to be on your team?
  • 30:12 One of Jo’s favorite PR success stories. What she did for her client Massage Envy. Amazing!
  • 32:50 If you are having a dinner party and are afraid it’s going to be boring, then you should invite this type of person to liven it up!
  • 33:26 Jo’s advice if you are considering to hire a PR firm. Some questions to think about.
  • 35:07 How do you find a good PR firm?
  • 36:15 What is Jo’s purpose and vision? What motivates and drives her? Her adopted daughter changed her life and how she runs her business.
  • 36:50 The diversity of ideas that come from Jo’s amazing team of right-out-of-college to veteran PR practitioners to interns.
  • 38:17 Jo says: The most important thing is: find your story and tell it. Conversations are happening all over the place, so be a part of that conversation!


An insightful and delightful interview about Public Relations, the power it, and how to use it to the benefit of your brand by Jo. Some great takeaways and advice here for one and all on the use of PR at its best. She really has it down on what to do or not for any occasion or crisis!


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